❶ Permanent Eyelid Makeup: Pros And Cons

❶ Permanent Eyelid Makeup: Pros And Cons
❶ Permanent Eyelid Makeup: Pros And Cons

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Permanent eyelid makeup: pros and cons
Permanent eyelid makeup: pros and cons

Many women turn to permanent makeup salons with a request to perform eyelid makeup. This is understandable: eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also the most noticeable detail of the face. If you are thinking about whether to decide on permanent makeup, first evaluate all its "pros" and "cons". Location: Location:

The "pluses" of permanent makeup are as follows:

1. Almost every woman starts the morning by painting her eyes: applying shadows on the eyelids, emphasizing the eyelash line with a pencil or drawing “arrows” with eyeliner, covering the eyelashes with mascara. Eye makeup is the most time-consuming part of makeup. Permanent makeup provides a woman with the opportunity to significantly save time in an environment where every minute counts.

2. It happens that there is no opportunity to put on makeup at all, but you want to look beautiful, even if you jumped up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Every woman knows the “law of meanness”: she ran out to the nearest store unpainted for a minute and, as luck would have it, met her “former” there, whom she had not seen for three years. Why not yesterday, when I was in full dress? In this case, the advantages of permanent makeup are that it is always with you.

3. In addition, there are situations in which no ordinary makeup simply can resist: visiting the pool, sauna, relaxing at sea, unexpected rain, in the end, and in such situations, permanent makeup will also not allow you to remain “without a face”.

4. With the help of permanent makeup, you can hide some cosmetic imperfections that are not even subject to cosmetic surgery.

5. Despite the fact that permanent make-up is not a cheap procedure ($ 100-400 in Moscow), it will still cost you less than buying high-quality cosmetics, all the more considering that such makeup lasts on average 3-5 years old.

There are, however, permanent makeup and its "disadvantages":

1. Possibility of allergic reactions to dyes.

2. Possibility of formation of keloid scars in people prone to this type of reaction to skin damage. In this case, the problem will go from cosmetic to surgical.

3. The danger of poor-quality makeup: ugly lines, paints that do not match your face in color. If such a nuisance happens, "wearing" such makeup, alas, will take a long time.

4. You need to know that over time, when permanent makeup fades, paints can acquire some exotic shade, for example, blue, green or orange.

5. The risk of a terrible mistake and infection through an unsterilized instrument or accidental eye injury cannot be completely ruled out.

Having weighed all the listed pros and cons, whether or not to do permanent eyelid makeup - decide for yourself!

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