❶ How To Shrink Pores On Your Face

❶ How To Shrink Pores On Your Face
❶ How To Shrink Pores On Your Face

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How to shrink pores on your face
How to shrink pores on your face

Healthy facial skin is the key to its flawless beauty. But it often happens that the idyll is disturbed by enlarged pores, which are quite difficult to hide even under a thick layer of foundation. Location: Location: Skin problems occur at any age. Enlarged pores may indicate excessive oily skin, or age-related changes. In both cases, the pores are clogged with various impurities and look rather unpleasant. The fight against such a disease should be aimed at cleansing and narrowing.

Focus on your nutrition first. In order to improve the condition of the skin, it is necessary to normalize the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Avoid fatty, sweet and salty foods. Eat cereals, dairy products more often, as well as fruits and vegetables in large quantities.

Cleanse your face daily in the morning and evening. Use foams, gels, and other cleansers. You must rid the skin of excess oil and impurities. Then apply a toner, preferably alcohol or salicylic acid (these will help tighten pores). Be sure to moisturize your skin - in the morning with a light gel, and in the evening with a creamier cream.

After cleansing, you can wash your face with mineral water. Its composition will have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin, tighten pores and make pleasant micro massage with bubbles.

Do masks once a week. Your goal is to cleanse and tighten the pores, so different types of clay (white, blue, black) are ideal. Dilute it in warm water to a sour cream consistency, apply on face and leave for fifteen minutes. Then, rinse and moisturize your skin thoroughly.

Another option for the mask is to add a couple of drops of lemon juice and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide to the diluted clay. Do not use it often, and never during your period.

Contact a specialist. Once a month, you can do a professional face cleansing, even less often - peeling. There are many types of peeling, it is selected in accordance with the type of skin, age and other individual characteristics.

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