❶ 5 Unexpected Paths To A Flat Stomach

❶ 5 Unexpected Paths To A Flat Stomach
❶ 5 Unexpected Paths To A Flat Stomach

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5 unexpected paths to a flat stomach
5 unexpected paths to a flat stomach

A flat stomach isn't always the result of intense training. Sometimes, to get a tummy that you can be proud of, it is enough to be less nervous and eat right. There are completely unexpected ways to get the perfect abs. Location: Location:

1. More Fat

Recently, nutritionists have been urging people to fear not fat, but carbohydrates. Fat has the ability to neutralize hunger. In addition, fat promotes calorie expenditure by increasing heat transfer. According to the latest calculations of nutritionists who want to get rid of excess body fat, you should focus on the following menu: vegetables, meat, fish, vegetable oil. And minimize the consumption of noodles, rice, bread (especially white) and sugar. After all, carbohydrates, if not consumed by strenuous physical activity, very easily turn into fat … at the waist.

2. Healthy intestines

Your belly often gets extra volume from regular air. Bloating isn't just a medical term, it's also the extra inches around your waist. Therefore, chew slowly and do not talk while eating. If you open your mouth too wide, air will enter the esophagus, which can lead to bloating and belching.

Avoid drinking drinks like Pepsi-Cola. Bubbles of carbon dioxide accumulate in the intestines and cause more than cosmetic damage to your body. Gastroenterologists have long declared war on carbonated drinks.

Do not overuse products that cause gas production. Cabbage, legumes, bell peppers, and black bread are no doubt good for you, but can take a few nasty minutes. Choose cooking methods that counteract this effect.

3. Water

It is water that flushes slags and waste products of protein metabolism from the body. Water delivers nutrients to the muscles and speeds up metabolism. Drinking water improves the digestion of food and accelerates the release of the stomach from heaviness.

The main thing is that at the same time with water, reduce the use of salt and marinades, these substances retain fluid in the body and cause edema.

4. Refusal from diet

A sudden transition to a diet awakens the worst instincts in your body. No matter how high you climb the social ladder, your body still feels like sitting on a tree in a primeval forest. Therefore, at the time of a sharp decrease in the supply of nutrients, it reacts accordingly. Begins to store fat, because it is not known how long this hunger period will last.

In addition, diet is often stressful for the nervous system, and stress makes many women feel anxious hunger. So if you really want to get rid of belly fat, reduce portions very gradually and lose weight not by changing the amount of food, but by changing its quality.

5. Exercises for … back

Oddly enough, but often the cause of a bulging tummy is not a weak abs, but just the reverse side - weak muscles of the back and buttocks. And this is not surprising, because it is these muscles that are responsible for maintaining an upright position of your body and create a muscle corset for the lower back.

Seated work for eight hours causes these muscles to weaken, your back starts to slouch, your lower back relaxes and bulges forward, and your tummy pushes in front of you. Sometimes it is enough to stand up straight to see how the stomach disappears before our eyes. So add back exercises to your workouts. Everything in the body should be symmetrical.

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