❶ Paint With A Brush And Lipstick

❶ Paint With A Brush And  Lipstick
❶ Paint With A Brush And Lipstick

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Paint with a brush and … lipstick
Paint with a brush and … lipstick

Almost from the beginning of time, bright moisturized lips have aroused increased interest in the opposite sex. They attract attention, beckon, give hidden intimate signs and hints, promise pleasure and make you fantasize. Lipstick is designed to make lips even more appetizing and seductive. So how do you present them more effectively? How and with what help to make lip makeup perfect? One little tip: paint with a brush and lipstick. Location: Location:

Do you think lipstick brushes and palettes are made exclusively for professional makeup artists? You are wrong. Of course, most women are accustomed to using standard lipstick, which fits in any purse, easily unscrews from the case and does not require additional accessories to apply. You can use this lipstick in an elevator, in a cafe, in an office, in other words, in a hurry and on the run. But isn't the beauty of your lips worthy of attention and time?

The accessories for applying cosmetics should be noted separately. Probably not in vain, both in art and in makeup, brushes are used. After all, a woman's face is a canvas on which you can "draw" any image. And for applying lipstick, you can't think of anything better than a brush. Judge for yourself: soft villi perfectly follow all the curves of the lip line, make it possible to adjust the amount of lipstick, and the layer of lipstick lays down smoother.

In addition, the brushes are more hygienic. Unlike regular lipstick, they can be rinsed and disinfected at any time. It is convenient to take lipstick with a brush both from a flat palette and from a tube of regular lipstick (especially when the lipstick in it comes to an end).

Regular lipstick will never achieve such precision of application as with a brush, especially if you need to draw the curves and grooves of the upper lip and carefully paint over the corners of the lips. Or at least you have to try really hard. Especially with lipsticks in bright or dark shades, when any imperfection immediately catches the eye.

The technique of applying lipstick with a brush repeats almost all the stages of a normal lip makeup application. The only difference is in the method of applying lipstick. Contour the lips with a pencil. Begin by drawing a line on the upper lip from the dimple in the middle, drawing the pencil towards the corners of the lips. The contour of the lower lip is drawn from corner to corner.

A pencil for classic lip makeup should ideally be the same color as the lipstick, or a shade darker. Lightly powder your lips along the outer contour to keep the lipstick lasting longer and does not run. Do not overdo it, otherwise excess powder will roll under the lipstick. Apply lipstick to the brush and draw the curves of the lips along the contour line, then paint over the middle of the lips.

To add volume to your lips, apply a little lipstick in the center, a shade lighter. By the way, using a brush to mix lipstick is also much more convenient.

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