❶ How To Make A Mask At Home

❶ How To Make A Mask At Home
❶ How To Make A Mask At Home

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How to make a mask at home
How to make a mask at home

Nowadays, the choice of cosmetics is quite wide. The variety of skin care products is especially great. The price categories of such products vary considerably. However, even a high price is not always a guarantee of the quality of the product, as well as the fact that this particular product will suit your skin, because it is produced for a wide range of consumers. Yes, and no one is immune from fakes. It is much safer to use means prepared with your own hands. Location: Location:

A face or body mask can be prepared quickly using simple, inexpensive products. It will always be fresh and, most importantly, it will be prepared exclusively for your skin. The main thing is to know how the ingredients affect the skin, and, based on this, choose the composition for yourself.

First you need to decide on the basis for your mask. In this capacity, dairy and sour milk products, vegetable or fruit puree (gruel) are quite suitable, in addition, it can be powdered clay, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, and, finally, your own cream.

So, the ingredients and their effect on the skin:

Mayonnaise and milk - refresh, rejuvenate the skin, make it elastic and improve blood circulation. In addition, mayonnaise moisturizes and milk brightens the skin.

Yogurt, kefir, yogurt, sour cream - whiten the skin, nourish, cleanse. Improves metabolism and blood circulation. The more acidic a product is, the more beneficial it is for oily skin.

Eggs: for oily skin - white, for dry - yolk.

Olive oil - soothing and anti-inflammatory.

Raw potatoes and cucumber - tighten pores and soothe irritations. In addition, cucumber whitens, tones and refreshes the skin.

Apple and lemon juice - whiten skin, saturate with vitamins. Lemon juice is suitable for oily skin. If you have tanned skin, you should not apply lemon juice undiluted, otherwise your tan will be uneven.

Calendula, chamomile - have anti-allergic, healing and analgesic effects.

Tomatoes - tightens pores, reduces skin oiliness.

Aloe - evens out the surface of the skin and tightens it.

Radish - whitens slightly.

Honey - has a healing, soothing and rejuvenating effect.

The composition of the mask is determined based on the type of your skin, the problems present. Ingredients can be mixed, combined in various ways. The only thing that must always be remembered: you do not need to use those products to which you are allergic to prepare the mask, so use honey, eggs and citrus fruits with extreme caution, because these products belong to the group of strong allergens.

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