❶ Wedding Soon: How To Become The Most Charming And Attractive

❶ Wedding Soon: How To Become The Most Charming And Attractive
❶ Wedding Soon: How To Become The Most Charming And Attractive

Video: ❶ Wedding Soon: How To Become The Most Charming And Attractive

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Wedding soon: how to become the most charming and attractive
Wedding soon: how to become the most charming and attractive

As has long been the custom, summer is the season of weddings, and in August a record number of applications are submitted to the registry office. This is due not only to the observance of church fasts and superstitions, but also to favorable weather conditions. While each season has its pros and cons, summer avoids a lot of restrictions. Location: Location:

First of all, this concerns the bride's dress. A girl can think not only about his style, but also about the material. A light flying dress made of chiffon or organza looks much more spectacular and feminine. In addition, there is no need to select additional accessories: winter boots, muffs, capes and much more, which will hide a charming open lace back or above the knee length.

It must be remembered that such outfits are preserved not only in the memory of relatives and friends present at the wedding, but also in photographs. For every couple, the wedding is the most anticipated and brightest day in their life, the joyful moments of which must be shown to their children and grandchildren. And, as you know, the most beautiful photographs are obtained against the background of rich greenery. Given that the photo sessions are quite long, in August you can not be afraid to freeze and give free rein to your imagination by visiting all possible fabulous places of your city.

Moreover, you can arrange an exit ceremony - marriage registration and an open-air banquet. Today it is most relevant, since you can combine the beauty of organizing an event and financial affordability. This is facilitated by the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, any of which are quite available in August.

But what about the main attribute of any wedding - fresh flowers? In the summer, you can get any of them and not be afraid that by the end of the day they will acquire an unsightly appearance. In order for them not to wither in the hot season, they use bouquets, but what about the merciless frosts? It is already difficult to go against nature here.

On a summer day, there are also no problems with makeup. Usually, tones will replace tanning, and bright eyeshadow or lipstick will be quite appropriate. Nevertheless, it is still worth preparing for this day with the help of cosmetic procedures. If in winter your body can be hidden by capes and boots, then August is the time to show yourself in all its glory! Additional care is required not only for the face, but also for the whole body.

The innovative Israeli cosmetics of the "Body Language" series from "DeSheli", developed by the "Hlavin" laboratory, will help you very effectively and in a short time. The preparations contain a unique plant complex CCL (Cotton / Camellia / Lotus) - cotton flowers, white tea and blue lotus. These ingredients are powerful oxidants to prevent skin aging. The Body Language series includes a cleansing shower gel, body scrub, bath salt, delicate soaps, wipes deodorant, body butter cream, hand cream and soothing foot cream. All DeSheli products are of excellent quality, made from natural ingredients and have pleasant, but unobtrusive and delicate aromas.

DeSheli's complex line for young skin "Crystal Youth Pro Age" with a unique day cream SPF-15 and an instant firming anti-cellulite gel will help to restore the complexion to a radiant and fresh look. By the way, this series is suitable for both girls and young people who also need to think about their appearance. With these tools, you will meet your wedding day fully armed, despite the fact that you began to improve your skin and hair just a week before the event. The effect is instant and stunning!

Wedding planning is a lot of creativity. Do not limit your creativity, make your wildest desires and dreams come true, especially when it comes to your appearance.

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