❶ Secrets Of Laser Cosmetology

❶ Secrets Of Laser Cosmetology
❶ Secrets Of Laser Cosmetology

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Secrets of laser cosmetology
Secrets of laser cosmetology

In recent years, cosmetology has taken a huge step forward. Now, in terms of efficiency, it can well compete with plastic surgery. Of course, we are talking about a separate type of cosmetology - laser. Using this method, you can remove tattoos and moles, fight wrinkles and spider veins, and rejuvenate the skin. the laser is used for a variety of cosmetic purposes. Location: Location:

Laser hair removal

This is one of the most popular treatments. It is used to remove unwanted hair from a wide variety of skin areas. Only the skin should be white, and the hair itself should be black. Otherwise, the procedure will not be as effective as expected.

For this type of hair removal, different types of lasers are used - alexandrite, ruby, niodimum and diode. The beam penetrates the hair follicle and destroys it. Usually it is necessary to make a course of several procedures, after which the hair either stops growing at all or their growth decreases 3 times.

After laser hair removal, a slight reddening of the skin is observed for 2 hours. You cannot sunbathe for several days.

This procedure should not be done during pregnancy, skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, or if you are under 17 years of age.

Removal of blood vessels

This is now possible without surgery, using a special vascular dye laser. The procedure removes subcutaneous vessels - capillary networks on the face or legs, as well as vascular tumors. The essence of the method is. that the laser acts on the walls of the vessel, they grow together, and then the capillary is absorbed.

Removing blood vessels with a laser is not harmful to the skin and is painless, after which there are no scars. But the procedure is effective only for small vessels; it cannot cope with large ones.

Laser resurfacing

This method is used to preserve and restore youthfulness to the skin. The bottom line is that the carbon dioxide laser beam removes the surface layer of the skin. Then, within 6 months, the scarring process takes place, new skin appears - dense and smooth, on which there are no wrinkles. The effect lasts for about 4-6 years. However, laser resurfacing is a rather serious procedure. No wonder it is done under anesthesia. After the intervention, complications in the form of scars and other unpleasant phenomena are possible.

Removing tattoos

By using various types of lasers, unnecessary tattoos can be removed. But this is far from effective in any case. It is easiest to work with blue and black tattoos. If the picture is applied with other dyes, the procedure may not lead to the desired results. After laser tattoo removal, complications in the form of spots, blisters, and even scars are possible.

Mole removal Moles are often removed with a laser. But this is pretty dangerous. After all, everything is painless only if the mole is benign. Otherwise, you risk your life, therefore, you should undergo an examination before doing the procedure. If everything is normal, smooth skin will remain at the site of the mole after the beam treatment.

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