❶ Makeup For Brunettes

❶ Makeup For Brunettes
❶ Makeup For Brunettes

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Makeup for brunettes
Makeup for brunettes

Brunettes have always fascinated with their enigma and mystery. One has only to remember the sultry mulattos. The energy emanating from them makes you forget about problems, and it is simply impossible not to bow before their beauty. And the correct makeup will emphasize the naturalness and sensuality of the appearance of dark-haired beauties. Location: Location:

The makeup of a brunette should be bright, and pastel colors will make her appearance down-to-earth. And, nevertheless, the saturation of the shades should be within the normal range.

Each black-haired woman has her own skin tone and eye color, special. And when applying high-quality makeup, all appearance data should be taken into account.

Brunettes with light eyes (gray, gray-green, blue, etc.) and light hair color need to focus on the lips, making them bright and seductive with a shimmery shade. You can add volume to the lips with gloss, and draw the shape with a light brown pencil. It is advisable to use a blush of a dark walnut tone, focusing on the cheekbones. It is better to choose a neutral shade of shadows: beige, gray, blue, etc. If you use eyeliner, focus on brown or dark chocolate colors. We take mascara and eyebrow pencil in the same color.

For light-eyed brunettes with dark hair, you can suggest using calm tones. When choosing the color of cosmetics, it is desirable if the shades will be matched to the color of the clothes. For the eyes, use a gray or brown eyeliner, only black mascara. The blush is pinkish or beige.

Well, for true brunettes with dark eyes, makeup artists recommend using rich and beautiful colors. The emphasis should be on the eyes. Double shadows seem to be created for this type of appearance, since the outer corner of the eye should always be painted darker than the inner one. If you wish, you can tint your eyebrows by slightly increasing the brightness of the pencil at the bend and tip of the eyebrow. For eyelashes, it is better to use black mascara and apply it preferably in two or three layers. Lipstick is chosen not flashy and it is better if it is shades of peach flowers. The blush should be applied to the top of the cheekbone in a dark peach shade.

From all of the above, we can conclude: for daily daytime makeup of brunettes, it is better to use brown tones. And for evening makeup, any shades of shadows with a metallic sheen are suitable. Mascara can also be varied and matched to the shadows.

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