❶ How To Use Lipstick Correctly

❶ How To Use Lipstick Correctly
❶ How To Use Lipstick Correctly

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How to use lipstick correctly
How to use lipstick correctly

Lipstick is able to emphasize the beauty and sensuality of the lips, and, if necessary, even visually correct their shape. In order to successfully do your makeup and achieve the desired effect, it is important to choose the right lipstick and use it. Location: Location:

To apply the lipstick evenly and it does not spread, smudge or lose color, you need to follow several recommendations.

Blot your lips with a clean paper towel to remove any excess saliva, drinks, and greasy food.

Apply foundation to your lips. Thanks to him, the lipstick will lie flat on the lips, its color will be bright and saturated and it will not wear off for a long time.

Powder your foundation to remove excess shine.

Take a liner pencil and draw a line along the border of your lips. At this stage, you can make some adjustments to their shape and volume. To do this, simply draw a contour slightly above or below the border of the lips to visually increase or decrease their size. You can also shape the upper and lower lip as desired. Do not forget that you should not deviate too far from what nature has given you, otherwise you will look unnatural. In addition, experts recommend choosing a pencil contour a whole tone darker than lipstick, otherwise it will be invisible. Draw lines above the upper lip from the center to the corners, and along the lower lip from one edge to the other.

Apply the first layer of lipstick to your lips. Do this in the same direction in which you outlined the contour of the lips. Try to keep the lipstick from sticking out of the contour. When applying lipstick, do not pull your lips forward with a tube or stretch them to the sides, otherwise lipstick marks will remain on your teeth.

Open your mouth wide without stretching your lips and paint over the corners of the mouth.

Lightly blot the applied lipstick with a paper towel to remove excess lipstick. Evaluate how bright and saturated the color is. If you think it's not too bright, apply a second coat of lipstick.

Having achieved the desired shade, apply a transparent gloss on the lips over the lipstick, which will prevent the lipstick from smudging and losing color. If you don't like excessive lip gloss, simply powder it on.

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