❶ Gorgeous Hair For A Gorgeous Girl

❶ Gorgeous Hair For A Gorgeous Girl
❶ Gorgeous Hair For A Gorgeous Girl

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Gorgeous hair for a gorgeous girl
Gorgeous hair for a gorgeous girl

Walking down the street, you see how the surrounding girls differ from each other: some behave in a relaxed manner, while others prefer to hide behind someone else's back. The appearance gives girls self-confidence. And hair is an irreplaceable thing that gives the image naturalness and beauty. There are many recipes that can make your hair look great. Location: Location:

First you need to give them health. Naturally, it is impossible to cure hair in a week. It takes at least four weeks for their keratin structure to recover. Therefore, today, start a course of nourishing masks with castor and burdock oil.

Apply two tablespoons of burdock oil and a tablespoon of castor oil to the hair roots, put on a special shower cap and wrap it with a towel. Wash your hair several times after two hours. Apply 1-2 times a week.

To grow gorgeous hair quickly, use a regular pepper tincture. You can prepare it yourself or buy it at a pharmacy or store. Apply to hair roots, previously thinned to a state, until it begins to slightly tingle the skin. Then wrap your head with a towel and rinse off after half an hour.

Yeast will also help grow hair. Make masks once a week, dilute the yeast to the consistency of sour cream and apply this mixture to the entire length of your hair. Then wash it off with warm water.

To keep your hair very thick and shiny, after washing, rinse it with cranberry juice, as well as lemon or grapefruit juice. Preparing such a hair rinse is quite simple: one tablespoon of juice in a glass of water. Thanks to this recipe, hair will become soft, vibrant and very attractive, no worse than in any shampoo advertisement.

Henna should not be discounted either. Since it contains a unique substance called henodubic acid. Thanks to this component, the hair becomes silky and manageable.

Recipe: Take two cups of colorless henna and mix with one cup of yogurt and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply to hair as a conditioner. After such a mask, washing your hair is completely optional, you can only rinse it lightly with water. Perform this procedure no more than once a month. The effect will last from one month to six weeks.

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