❶ Facelift With The Help Of Hands: A Set Of Exercises

❶ Facelift With The Help Of Hands: A Set Of Exercises
❶ Facelift With The Help Of Hands: A Set Of Exercises

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Facelift with hands: a set of exercises
Facelift with hands: a set of exercises

In order for a woman to feel comfortable and confident, she needs to find evidence of her attractiveness over and over again. This can be done thanks to the reflection in the mirror, which the young ladies bring to perfect condition. Particular attention is paid to the skin of the face. Location: Location:

Unfortunately, nature cannot guarantee a woman eternal youth. Over time, many begin to notice fine wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, deepening of the nasolabial folds and a blurred face contour. In order to somehow stop the aging process, women buy expensive creams, go to beauty salons and beauticians. Unfortunately, these actions are not always effective.

It is worth remembering how women struggle with excess weight, belly folds and reeds, cellulite on the buttocks. In most cases, girls with redoubled diligence begin to do physical exercises, undergo a massage course and train their muscles. Surprisingly, this option is not even considered in relation to the skin of the face.

Remember that there are 57 muscles on a person's face, which are inherently very delicate. This requires special exercises. At the same time, the thin muscles are very easy to influence. Thus, you will notice the first results after a week of intensive training.

It is worth considering the most effective exercises that will allow you to get rid of a double chin. To do this, do the following: put your elbows on the table, put your chin in your palm, then open your mouth, trying to lower your head even lower.

To create a beautiful neck, you need to strain its muscles with such force that the lower lip automatically drops down. This exercise can be done while brushing your teeth, repeating it 5-10 times. You can get rid of nasolabial folds as follows: frown your nose, leaving the muscles of the bridge of the nose and eyebrows alone.

Probably the most common problem is wrinkles around the eyes. You can get rid of them by opening your eyes and mouth wide for 10 seconds. Do this exercise regularly to achieve the desired effect. The wrinkles on the forehead require the following load: use your fingertips to stretch the skin from the middle up and down. You also need to hold this position for 10 seconds.

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