❶ Cosmetic Clays: How Are They Useful

❶ Cosmetic Clays: How Are They Useful
❶ Cosmetic Clays: How Are They Useful

Video: ❶ Cosmetic Clays: How Are They Useful

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Cosmetic clay: how are they useful?
Cosmetic clay: how are they useful?

The cosmetic properties of clay were discovered by women in ancient times. To this day, women use it to maintain their beauty and health. But in order to use the properties of cosmetic clay correctly, you need to know how this or that clay is useful. Location: Location:

All cosmetic clay varies in color: green, white, gray, red, blue. It contains a huge amount of biologically significant and useful elements (micro and macro elements). Cosmetologists claim that clay can cure many skin diseases, even pathological ones.

The clay is offered for sale in the form of a powder diluted with water. It is necessary to add water and stir the clay until the mass becomes creamy, suitable for application to the desired area of ​​the skin. But in stores you can find mixtures already ready for application.

White clay

This type of clay tightens the pores of the skin when they are enlarged and cleanses the skin. It works well for cracked and dry skin (like heels). White clay masks help revitalize flaky and flaky skin.

Green clay

This type of clay has cleansing and healing properties. Green clay is unique in that it can be used for medicinal purposes not only externally, but also internally (only under the supervision of a specialist). Traditionally, it is used to make masks for oily skin and skin prone to acne. Clay diluted in water can be used to treat cystitis and for intimate hygiene. Green clay has a limited use - it is not suitable for dry skin.

Gray clay

Ideal for mixed skin types. Gray clay has the main useful property: as compresses, it can be used to tone the skin of the buttocks and thighs and to reduce their volume.

Red clay

This clay is suitable for skin prone to inflammation, allergic reactions and irritation. Additionally, red clay is known for its healing properties for sore gums. Dip a toothbrush in clay and gently massage your gums with it.

Blue clay

It is used to kill any type of bacteria and absorb any toxins. The blue clay treatment gives the human body the dose of radium (an element contained in clay) that it needs. Doctors have found that blue clay is able to cope with any type of tumor and renew body cells.

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