❶ Application Of Essential Oils For Cellulite

❶ Application Of Essential Oils For Cellulite
❶ Application Of Essential Oils For Cellulite

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The use of essential oils for cellulite
The use of essential oils for cellulite

The active action of the components of essential oils is used to increase the effectiveness of procedures for getting rid of cellulite. They are added to the mass for wrapping and masks, in the bath water, used in anti-cellulite massage, mixed with creams. Location: Location: In addition to affecting skin cells, essential oils increase the enjoyment of the procedure, causing a reaction to their aroma - a person calms down, feels a surge of vivacity, relaxes (depending on which composition is used). Citrus essential oils (lemon, grapefruit, orange), juniper oil, geranium and rosemary have anti-cellulite action.

Lemon oil stimulates the metabolism in cells and tissues, and wraps with it restore elasticity and smoothness to the skin. Orange oil has a very intense effect on the skin, so its use is permissible only in small doses, but the effect of the massage is amazing - several sessions allow the skin to return to a smooth relief.

Juniper and fennel essential oils help the skin to flush out toxins and excess fluid. Uric acid, which accumulates in the blood and tissues, changes skin tone and slows down metabolism - juniper oil helps to cleanse the blood and remove acid.

Rosemary oil actively breaks down fats, which is why its use in the fight against cellulite is so effective. There is a normalization of fat metabolism and blood purification.

Spicy and pungent essential oils (oil of black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, bergamot, etc.) warm up the skin, stimulating the process of removing fluids and toxic substances. They are often used to eliminate congestion in the thickness of the skin - oils are applied to the skin immediately after showering.

The use of pure essential oils in cosmetology is unacceptable - a high concentration of substances leads to skin burns. The required dose of essential oil is added to the base composition for massage or wrapping - ordinary vegetable oil, almond, petroleum jelly or peach. The standard dosage is 15 drops of the composition per 30 ml of base oil.

The combination of several essential oils in one treatment significantly increases its effectiveness - grapefruit, lemon and fennel, for example. Honey applications and massage are considered to be one of the most productive methods of combating the "orange peel" - adding a few drops of oil to warm honey and subsequent massage will make the skin silky. To prepare a salt scrub, you need to mix a little coarse salt and 3 drops of any essential oil - the composition will be absorbed, and the salt will remove toxins.

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