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❶ Apple Face Masks
❶ Apple Face Masks

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Apple face masks
Apple face masks

Apples have long been used in home cosmetics. Masks based on them allow you to effectively care for flabby and aging skin. They cleanse it well, help relieve irritation and inflammation, give elasticity and softness, and reduce swelling. In the preparation of apple masks, one important rule must be observed: for dry skin it is better to use red apples, and green apples for oily skin. Location: Location:

Apples can be found on store shelves at any time of the year, so why not use them for skin benefits? Moreover, there is every reason for this. This fruit can rightfully be called a pantry of health. The apple is saturated with fruit acids, pectin, vitamins, lecithin, microelements. All this is perfectly absorbed by the skin from apple masks. It is quite enough to do them twice a week. The general course consists of 15-20 procedures, after which it is necessary to take a break for two months. All apple masks should be kept on the face for about 20 minutes and then washed off with water. Before applying them, the face should be thoroughly cleansed.

Mask for flabby and sagging skin

Grate half an apple on a fine grater, grind oatmeal on a coffee grinder. Add them to the apple gruel, stir, then pour in some honey. If the mass is too thick, you can dilute it a little with warm water or milk. Apply the mask to your face in a thick layer.

Moisturizing mask

Add two tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese to the apple gruel, apply on the skin, after 20 minutes rinse your face with chamomile broth.

Mask with a toning effect An

apple and cream mask will perfectly refresh tired skin. To do this, pour boiling cream over a couple of tablespoons of grated apple. You should get a thick gruel, cool it a little and apply it warmly on your face.

Mask with lifting effect

Mix grated apple with one beaten egg white and two teaspoons of starch. If the skin is dry, you can add a little olive oil. Mix everything thoroughly and apply to your face.

Vitamin Mask

Squeeze the juice from the apple, add a few drops of vitamin E, dampen a paper towel and apply it on your face. You can find an oil solution of vitamin E in almost every pharmacy.

Mask for all skin types

This is the simplest apple mask. Despite its simplicity, it softens and moisturizes the skin well. Prepare the applesauce and simply apply it over your face. It is recommended to lubricate dry skin with any vegetable oil before the procedure.

Nourishing mask

Grate carrots and apple on a fine grater, mix. Apply a thick layer to your face.

Mask for dry skin

Add a spoonful of sour cream and the same amount of lemon juice to the apple gruel. Stir until smooth and apply to face.

Apple masks can be prepared for future use. However, you don't need to keep them in the refrigerator for more than two days.

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