❶ 5 Tips For Eye Makeup

❶ 5 Tips For Eye Makeup
❶ 5 Tips For Eye Makeup

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5 tips for eye makeup
5 tips for eye makeup

Beautiful makeup is makeup done correctly. There are a lot of tips on how to make your eyes expressive and beautiful. With their help, you can hide the most obvious flaws and emphasize the hidden advantages of the eyes. Location: Location:

There are a huge number of eye make-up techniques. But you can still highlight a few basic tips on how to apply shadows in order to emphasize the advantages and mask the flaws.

To help the shadows hold better and not roll down, before starting makeup, you can apply a moisturizer to the eyelids, let it absorb, and remove the excess with a napkin. Then you need to apply a little powder to the eyelid. And only then you can proceed directly to applying the shadows. Instead of powder and cream, you can use a special eyeshadow base. Then the makeup will last even longer.

Many girls suffer from dark circles under the eyes. But you can mask it with foundation and concealer. Apply a pinkish foundation to the problem area, and on top, apply concealer to match your skin color. You can apply these products with your fingers, this will allow them to be better distributed over the skin.

Correctly selected shades of shadows are one of the main conditions for a successful make-up. Therefore, when choosing the color of the shadows, you need to focus on your type of appearance, take into account the color of your hair, eyes, and skin tone. So for girls with brown eyes, dark hair and a warm skin tone, shades of brown, warm shades are suitable. For contrasting makeup, you can choose shades in purple tones. For green eyes, these shades work as well.

Also, when eye makeup, it is worth considering how they are located. With close-set eyes, dark eyelids are applied to the outer corner of the eye and shaded towards the temple. Light shadows are applied to the inner corner of the eye. This technique will visually open your eyes. To further enhance this effect, you can apply an eyeliner from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner. With wide-set eyes, it is worth doing exactly the opposite. Darker shadows are applied to the inner corner and shaded to the eyebrows, but the outer corner of the eyelid does not need to be strongly emphasized.

To make your eyes look bigger and more expressive, you can bend the cilia up. For this it is worth using special tongs. Then the eyelashes need to be well painted over with mascara. Apply mascara in 2 coats lightly. Dry well before applying the second coat.

Here are some makeup tips to help make your eyes look irresistible.

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