Makeup Brushes: What Are There And How To Choose

Makeup Brushes: What Are There And How To Choose
Makeup Brushes: What Are There And How To Choose

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Makeup brushes: what are there and how to choose
Makeup brushes: what are there and how to choose

A real artist, when creating another masterpiece, pays great attention not only to the perfection of the palette of colors, but also to the choice of a suitable brush. The daily procedure for applying makeup is comparable to the artistic process, which means that the choice of a brush plays a leading role. Location: Location: The makeup brush kits used by professionals look pretty impressive. They may contain several dozen brushes and tools. However, such a variety for home use is not at all necessary. It is enough to have only 7 basic brushes.

1. Sponge. It is difficult to call it a brush, but it is simply irreplaceable when performing eye makeup. When choosing it, you need to pay attention to the shape. The most common is oval. However, a square shape is preferred. Thanks to the sharp edges, the square sponge allows you to apply a soft eyeliner and shadow to problem areas.

2. An irreplaceable thing in the set - a soft brush for eyeshadows. It is somewhat more difficult to apply shadows with it than with a sponge. But if you adapt to it, then you can easily perform any makeup option.

3. Blender. It is a flat, slightly beveled brush. Essential for shading shadows. Blender allows you to make smooth transitions between different shades.

4. Brush for eyebrow makeup. Thanks to it, you can give your eyebrows the desired, and most importantly, natural shade. When choosing it, you need to focus on the width, which should not be more than the width of the eyebrows.

5. Brush combo is used for combing eyelashes.

6. Kabuki is necessary for applying blush, bronzer or compact powder.

7. Concealer. Designed for applying lipstick. It is believed that if the lipstick is applied with a brush, it will last much longer on the lips.

It is best to purchase branded brushes. They are slightly more expensive, but their quality is much higher than that of cheap counterparts. All brushes must be made from natural hair. It should be both soft and elastic at the same time. The brush handle and nap must be firmly connected.

In order for your makeup brushes to serve you for many years, you need to take care of them periodically. They should be gently rinsed in warm water about once a week and then dried horizontally.

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