❶ How To Protect Your Skin In Winter

❶ How To Protect Your Skin In Winter
❶ How To Protect Your Skin In Winter

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How to protect your skin in winter
How to protect your skin in winter

In winter, the face is the most vulnerable part of the body. Cold, wind and frost cause constant vasoconstriction, which slows down the process of cell renewal. As a result, the skin becomes dry and flaky. However, proper care and good protection can make it more resistant to low temperatures. Location: Location: In winter, the skin needs special care. Moreover, not only protection before going out is important, but also proper cleansing, hydration and nutrition, since cellular respiration and metabolism under the influence of cold undergo some changes.

To cleanse the skin in winter, use mild cosmetics - milk or cream. Any unrefined vegetable oil is excellent for this purpose from natural products. It contains vitamin E, which is essential for the beauty and youth of the skin. Warm oil slightly before cleaning. For example, pour it into a hot spoon or place it in hot water in a porcelain container. After moistening cotton wool in it, wipe the neck first and move upward to the face, while changing cotton pads more often. Also clean your lips and eyebrows. Blot the remaining oil with a paper towel and then with cotton wool dipped in freshly brewed tea or acidified water.

If you don't have acne on your face, you can use butter to cleanse your skin in winter. It not only perfectly removes impurities, but also nourishes the skin, making it soft. This remedy is especially useful for dry types. However, do not use it for more than 10 days. Otherwise, it can lead to impaired sebum secretion and the formation of excessive shine on the skin.

To retain moisture in the upper layers of your skin, do not wash your face with hot water. Use moisturizers at night and more nutritious ones during the day. The humidity of the air in the house is also important for maintaining the skin. To create a favorable climate, place containers with water near the radiator or on the windowsill. And so that they blend harmoniously into the interior, use small decorative aquariums with artificial stones and shells for this purpose.

If the skin turns red quickly in the cold, improve blood circulation in it and accustom the blood vessels to temperature extremes. To do this, regularly visit the bathhouse or do steam baths for your face, as well as wash your face with contrasting water and play sports. These measures help to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. For the same purpose, periodically take vitamin C. With its participation, the formation of elastin and collagen occurs - proteins that give the skin firmness and elasticity.

Apply a nourishing mask to accelerate skin cell renewal. To prepare it, mix an equal amount of pineapple with chopped, steamed oat flakes and 1 tsp. honey. Apply to face and rinse off after 10 minutes with water. The usual tingling sensation during the procedure is quite normal, thanks to the fruit acids. They help to improve the blood supply to the skin and increase metabolic processes in it.

Follow a few simple guidelines for winter skin care. Do not wrap a scarf around your face. This causes mechanical irritation and contributes to the formation of moisture that adversely affects the skin. A few minutes before going out, apply a cream on your face, and on your lips with a balm or regular lipstick. In winter, use special cosmetics with vitamin E. It is necessary to maintain the skin, since the cold causes constant vasoconstriction and, accordingly, cell renewal slows down.

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