❶ Essential Oils In Home Cosmetology

❶ Essential Oils In Home Cosmetology
❶ Essential Oils In Home Cosmetology

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Essential oils in home cosmetology
Essential oils in home cosmetology

Essential oils for beauty have been used for centuries. Extracts from plants and medicinal herbs allow you to make your personal care products as useful as possible. But do not think that the magical properties of essential oils are available only to those who are ready to purchase expensive cosmetics from well-known manufacturers. At home, their use will be no less effective, it remains only to choose the type of oils that is most suitable for a particular skin type. Location: Location:

The use of essential oils in cosmetology improves metabolism in the upper layer of the epidermis, prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles, and stimulates collagen renewal. All these properties can improve the appearance of the skin.

The simplest way to take care of yourself is to take a bath with the addition of essential oils. The extract of conifers helps to lose weight, and the oil with the addition of mint or lemon balm soothes the nervous system. Before taking a bath, remember that pure oil does not dissolve in water. Therefore, it is best to initially mix it with bath salt.

It is possible to supplement the complex of self-care measures by enhancing the already existing properties of the cream or lotion. It must be remembered that in pure form, essential oils are too concentrated and not used. For taking a bath, 10-15 drops are usually enough, but for a portion of evening cream or lotion, a drop is enough.

Various essential oils are used in cosmetology, and you can find your own recipe for each type of skin.

For the beauty of hair, you can use citrus oil at the rate of one drop per glass of water during rinsing. The oil will make your hair silky and shiny.

The skin of the face and neck will be delighted with the nutrients obtained from masks using essential oils. So, a mixture of honey and egg yolk, considered almost universal, in addition to essential oils, correctly selected for a specific skin type, will have the greatest effect.

When using essential oils in cosmetology, you need to remember that they also have medicinal properties. A couple of drops of myrtle and peppermint oil can disinfect indoor air. Tea tree oil has similar properties.

St. John's wort extract will soothe skin prone to inflammation. On the basis of this medicinal herb, a lot of cosmetics are produced.

Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to this magical kingdom of fragrances, which offers an individual personal care product for each beauty.

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