❶ Proper Breathing Rejuvenates

❶ Proper Breathing Rejuvenates
❶ Proper Breathing Rejuvenates

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Correct breathing rejuvenates
Correct breathing rejuvenates

Breathing is an unconditioned reflex. More often than not, we don't even think about how we breathe. However, the breathing technique itself can significantly improve health. For example, deep breathing can improve metabolism or cleanse the body of toxins. However, mostly only children breathe correctly. With age, this useful skill is lost, and breathing becomes shallow, which, together with polluted air, as well as a lack of oxygen, can negatively affect the physical and mental state of the body. Location: Location:

Experts believe that the most useful is the so-called "diaphragmatic" breathing. It is not the chest that participates in it, but the abdomen and the septum, which separates the abdominal and chest cavity. By straining, the diaphragm has a beneficial massage effect on the liver, intestines and other organs. This type of breathing prevails in men, while women are used to breathing through their breasts.

Another indisputable truth is that you only need to breathe through your nose. Passing through the nose, the air is cleared of dust and other small particles, and also heats up. In addition, the air irritates the capillary mucosa, which improves blood flow to the brain.

According to Indian sages, inhalation should be sharp and quick, but exhale air should, on the contrary, be slow. On average, the inhalation should be 3 or 4 times shorter than the exhalation.

Correct breathing should not be rapid. Some yogis are able to make only 3-6 breaths per minute, while the breathing rate of an adult is at least 12. It should also be remembered that no noise should be made when breathing in and out of air.

Proper breathing can rejuvenate the body, ridding it of toxins. In order to get the maximum effect, it is necessary to perform special breathing exercises every day.

Straighten up straight after waking up and lie on your back. Raising your arms up, inhale deeply. In this case, the abdomen should be filled with air. Then hold your breath for no more than 5 seconds. After that, sit down and as you exhale, touch your feet with your hands. Remember to exhale slowly, try to exhale for at least 10 seconds. As you exhale, pull your abdomen as close to your spine as possible.

Repeat this exercise no more than 10 times. After that, it is advisable to lie down and do an exercise on the leg muscles: "spin the bike" or just raise and lower your legs 10-20 times.

Then you should open the window and, standing in front of it, repeat the deep breathing exercise 5 more times.

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