❶ Japanese Cosmetics: Features And Properties

❶ Japanese Cosmetics: Features And Properties
❶ Japanese Cosmetics: Features And Properties

Video: ❶ Japanese Cosmetics: Features And Properties

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Japanese cosmetics: features and properties
Japanese cosmetics: features and properties

Japanese cosmetics are associated in our minds as something exotic, unusual: cherry blossoms, a girl in a kimono … Do you use the gifts of the land of the rising sun? Location: Location:

Japanese cosmetics deserve special attention against the background of other world cosmetic brands, inspired by national characteristics. Famous brands of Japanese cosmetics - Pola Shiseido, Kanebo, begin their history from the 19th century.

The properties of Japanese cosmetics are, of course, in its unique recipe and ingredients. In the composition you can find seaweed, coral extracts, sea water, ginger, white lotus, cypress and extracts from herbs and flowers. It is they that allow you to return your skin to a youthful, toned and fresh look.

Features of Japanese cosmetics:

1. The composition of cosmetics preserves vitamins and microelements as much as possible. Cosmetologists note that only Japanese cosmetics contain vitamin C, which is not highly stable in the composition of cosmetics. It was the Japanese cosmetologists who managed, with the help of innovative technologies, which undoubtedly intertwined with tradition, to stabilize vitamin C.

2. Natural ingredients in cosmetics nourish the skin, and do not deplete it, in contrast to cosmetics based on foreign elements.

3. Due to the absence of preservatives, cosmetics from Japan do not cause allergic reactions.

4. Japanese cosmetics are of high quality due to the observance of all technological standards in the process of its creation.

5. The unique formulation of Japanese cosmetics ensures the effectiveness of its use, which has been confirmed by European women who have used hair and skin care products.

6. The texture of Japanese cosmetics, characterized by lightness and tenderness, makes using it a real pleasure.

Remember that cosmetics from Japan is a philosophy that only those who want to know the power of beauty can control.

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