❶ Gold Placers: Makeup With All Shades Of Gold

❶ Gold Placers: Makeup With All Shades Of Gold
❶ Gold Placers: Makeup With All Shades Of Gold

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Gold placers: makeup in all shades of gold
Gold placers: makeup in all shades of gold

Make-up, made in gold tones, seems pretentious and pompous only at first glance. In fact, it makes the face look younger and fresher. The main thing is to choose the right combination for the one that is going to use it. Location: Location: It is likely that in the very near future, gold will become a classic in makeup. This is a very special color. Its warmth and sophistication make any look more gentle and attractive. Using golden shades in makeup, you can create a unique look - luxurious and bold.

Gold favorably sets off the eyes of any color - this is one of its features. Mascara with gold makes the look as if covered with a golden haze. It's very sexy and non-trivial. If you line up your eyes with a gold pencil and use the shadows of a golden hue, you can create an amazing effect of the glow that your eyes seem to radiate. No other color will create this effect. You can also “powder” your eyebrows with gold. Settled at the ends of the hairs, this magical color will make them shimmery and add volume.

Blush, surprisingly, can also be gold. Applying this shade to sunburned cheekbones gives skin a soft, opalescent glow. Finish off with pastel lipstick and gold eyeliner for a sophisticated diva look.

Gold lipstick suits absolutely everyone. Another question is that you need to choose the desired shade. You don't need to use a lip liner. For those who don't want to overwhelm the audience, you can start with a golden lip gloss or add a golden color to your favorite lipstick tone.

Two well-chosen shades of gold are enough to perform both evening and daytime makeup. The various tones of this rich color work well together. But with other colors, gold behaves extremely democratic. It makes each color richer and more mysterious. The combination of gold, black and fuchsia is considered especially chic.

Stylists offer two basic makeup models. Daytime is a little gold eyeshadow and gold eyeliner along the lash line. Such makeup is combined, as a rule, with lipstick of any pastel tone and golden powder on the cheekbones. The evening version can be made on the basis of the daytime one, complementing it with black arrows and fiery red lipstick.

To top it off, sprinkle gold on your hair. Just take a brush with gold powder and carelessly wave it over your hair, so that precious specks of dust in an artistic mess scatter to the strands. Do not be afraid that this will be overkill. A golden glow will surround the head with a mysterious halo and turn the head of fans.

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