❶ 7 Myths About Facial Care

❶ 7 Myths About Facial Care
❶ 7 Myths About Facial Care

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7 myths about facial care
7 myths about facial care

Every girl should be able to properly care for her face - this is what will help her maintain freshness and beauty for a long time, especially in winter, when the skin is exposed to aggressive influences from the external environment. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the nuances of such care and avoid common mistakes. Often, recommendations for facial care contradict each other, there are many myths and conjectures in them. You will most likely find it helpful to learn about the basics regarding proper skin care during the winter season. Location: Location:

When choosing care products, regardless of the season, always remember what type of skin the skin belongs to - different nutrients are used for dry, oily and combination.

The first myth is the assertion that women should only use fatty creams during the winter season. In fact, this is not the case - the skin needs to be moisturized in winter, since the cold air dries it out excessively. It is not enough to buy only nourishing creams with a high fat content. Any cream for skin care in winter should be applied no later than an hour before going outside.

The second common misconception is that oily skin doesn't need to be hydrated. It is lighter than dry, tolerates frosty air, but, despite this, it also needs moisture - for example, to moisturize oily skin, you can use aloe juice or a mask of chopped cabbage leaves and whipped protein. The mask, like a moisturizer, should be applied to the face one hour before going outside, or the night before before going to bed. In order to provide the skin with sufficient moisture, consume at least two liters of clean water per day.

The third myth is that you don't need to use sunscreen with UV filters in winter. The sun shines as intensely in winter as in summer, despite the fact that in summer its activity is much higher. In winter, using a sunscreen with an SPF level of 10 or less will help you maintain healthy, intact skin.

The fourth myth says about the impossibility of using peels and scrubs in cold weather. This opinion is also erroneous - a deep cleaning is necessary from time to time for any girl, regardless of the season. If you do not use scrubs too often, this will not lead to increased flaking of the skin in the cold. It is enough to apply a scrub on your face once a week, and after the procedure, refrain from going outside.

The fifth myth is the idea that hot showers are good for you. In fact, hot showers dry out the skin and dilate the blood vessels, regardless of skin type. It is best to wash with warm water at room temperature and sometimes take a contrast shower in the evenings.

The sixth myth concerns lip care - some people think that they should not be looked after in any special way in winter. In fact, the skin of the lips is very sensitive, it is easily chapped, and in winter it requires special care. In the cold season, lipstick should be high in fat and moisturize the lips while protecting them from the cold. Always carry chapstick with you.

Finally, the seventh myth concerns beauty salons - it is believed that in winter there is no need to visit a beautician. In fact, cosmetic procedures are useful at any time of the year, and their systematic implementation helps to preserve beauty for a long time.

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