❶ How To Do Hardware Manicure

❶ How To Do Hardware Manicure
❶ How To Do Hardware Manicure

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How to do a hardware manicure
How to do a hardware manicure

Hardware manicure is a salon procedure, but if you have the necessary tools, you can do it at home. Learning to do this is not so difficult, and your hands will always have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. Location: Location: The home hardware manicure set differs from the professional one in the speed of rotation of the attachments. It is usually 4-5 times lower, which makes the procedure safer. The set includes a manicure machine and special attachments designed for various operations. It is very important to follow the attached instructions and perform each action with a specific nozzle.

First of all, you need to remove the old varnish from the nails. Do not forget that for safety reasons, hardware manicure is done only on dry hands. Hold the device in the same way as you usually hold a pencil or pen, it must constantly move from the center of the nail to the edges, you cannot hold it in place. Make sure to take short breaks to rest your nails.

Before removing the cuticle, apply a special softening oil, and push it back with an orange stick, as with a regular manicure. When removing dry skin from the side bead of a finger, use a medium abrasive accessory. Cut the cuticle itself with a spherical nozzle.

Grind and polish the nail plate with the special attachments included in the kit. Touch the nail very carefully, only with the very edge. It is very easy to damage the nail plate with hardware manicure. At the end of the procedure, be sure to apply a special nourishing cream to your nails and hands and make a light massage.

When doing hardware manicure yourself, be sure to adhere to the following rules.

1. Do not treat injured nails, as well as inflamed skin.

2. The less experience you have in conducting the hardware manicure procedure yourself, the slower you can set the rotation mode of the attachments.

3. Do not press the tips too hard against the nail plate so as not to injure it.

4. Be extremely careful and careful.

Hardware manicure is not only a hygienic procedure. Thanks to him, the nails become stronger, less exfoliate and break, excessive dryness and ribbing of nails are eliminated.

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