❶ Serum, Lotion, Fluid: What's The Difference?

❶ Serum, Lotion, Fluid: What's The Difference?
❶ Serum, Lotion, Fluid: What's The Difference?

Video: ❶ Serum, Lotion, Fluid: What's The Difference?

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Serum, lotion, fluid: what's the difference?
Serum, lotion, fluid: what's the difference?

Novelties in the field of cosmetology appear with such frequency that women do not have time to try one remedy when another has already appeared. Before purchasing a serum, lotion, or fluid, find out if this product is right for you, or if it's better to get something else. Location: Location: The fluids have a lightweight texture and slightly astringent effect, so they are used to tighten pores. These products may also have other properties: an additional almond component tones the skin, and immortelle extract enriches it with oxygen and helps to maintain an ideal level of hydration. SPF fluids protect the face from the harmful effects of sunlight.

The fluid cream removes oily sheen, it normalizes the skin's moisture level. The product, which contains bamboo extract, perfectly refreshes the skin.

The lotion has a liquid texture, so this cosmetic product perfectly moisturizes the skin. The product, created on the basis of the vital cells of a sand rose, strengthens the cells of the epidermis, prevents moisture loss. Lotions take care not only of the skin of the face, but also of the hands. The rice protein included in the product promotes cell regeneration. With the help of lotion, you can perfectly remove makeup.

Serums have an increased concentration of active substances, so they can be applied under lotion so that all the necessary elements penetrate deep into the skin. Products containing antioxidants smoothen the epidermis, making it more elastic and radiant. An ingredient such as arctic cloudberry seed oil provides the skin with vitamins.

Emulsions are formulated to protect the skin from the negative effects of sunlight and the environment. This product is based on water and natural oils. The cream has a comprehensive care, it forms a reliable protective shell, which in its composition resembles a hydrolipidic film of the skin surface.

The cream emulsion is able to give the epidermis vitality, fill it with nutrients. Such a remedy is also suitable for mature skin, it will help cell regeneration. The emulsion can remove unpleasant shine, leaving the face matte.

Gels are great for oily skin. They are quickly absorbed and remove excess moisture. The gel also prevents the epidermis from drying out in the sun. Some products can be used under makeup.

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