❶ Winter Cream: What To Look For

❶ Winter Cream: What To Look For
❶ Winter Cream: What To Look For

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Winter cream: what to look for
Winter cream: what to look for

Winter is not far off, which means that it is time for women to take care not only of a pretty fur coat, boots and a hat, but also of skin care products, because those that were used in summer and autumn are absolutely not suitable for the winter cold. Location: Location: In winter, low temperatures, frosty wind and snow negatively affect the skin, weathering it, intensifying oxidizing processes and causing the natural sebum to dry out. Also, the blood vessels are compressed from the cold, the nerve endings are constantly irritated, which causes congestion in the upper layers of the skin. Therefore, the main task of a woman in winter is to protect the skin from the consequences that are caused by external conditions. Of course, skin hydration is also necessary, but not in such quantities as in summer or early autumn.

So, you need to decide which protective cream you should buy. Firstly, it matches the skin in terms of basic parameters (its type and age). Secondly, a cosmetic product with a high fat content. Only cream with high fat content can be used before going out. It should contain a sufficient amount of natural fats and waxes (for example, lanolin, beeswax, cocoa butter, olive oil, stone seed oil or burdock oil).

In addition, creams saturated with a lipid complex are also suitable for the skin in winter, which will protect the skin from the effects of negative factors and at the same time strengthen its upper layer.

By the way, a number of well-known cosmetic companies have special creams developed for the winter period, containing a pro-retinol and bio-vegetative complex. In addition to protecting against winter cold, creams saturated with these complexes allow the skin to remain smooth, elastic, smooth out wrinkles and give a fresh and youthful look.

The second task of a woman is to nourish the skin. In winter, the diet is limited, and the skin naturally receives much less nutrients. This means that you need to scoop them not from food, but from cosmetics, so the nourishing cream should return to the shelf, as a remedy number 1 at night.

Be very careful with moisturizers. It is necessary to moisturize the skin, but in winter it is enough to do it two or three times a week, alternating with food. In no case should you go outside after your face has been treated with a moisturizer. Moisture that is not fully absorbed can cause excessive hypothermia of the skin.

The cream should be applied to the skin no earlier than half an hour before going outside, preferably after washing. Then make-up is applied (make-up products - foundation and foundation, you need to choose according to the above tips).

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