❶ 5 Secrets To Caring For Colored Hair

❶ 5 Secrets To Caring For Colored Hair
❶ 5 Secrets To Caring For Colored Hair

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5 secrets to caring for colored hair
5 secrets to caring for colored hair

Despite the fact that hair dyes are becoming more gentle, they still contain harmful chemical components. To minimize the damage done to your hair and scalp by these chemicals, and to maintain your newfound color for a long time, it will be useful to learn a few secrets for caring for colored hair. Location: Location:

1. Limit the use of hair dryers

Dyeing hair loses moisture, and hot styling with a hair dryer dries it even more. Therefore, its use should be excluded, if possible, or at least limited. If styling without a hairdryer is not possible, you need to start drying your hair after it has dried a little, using the cool air mode. If you need to use an iron to straighten your hair, you must first apply a thermal protective styling product.

2. Save the color

Regular shampoos (especially for dandruff) quickly wash out coloring pigments, so it is better to use professional products for colored hair. These shampoos retain their color and often contain natural extracts that restore hair. In addition, you can use tinted shampoos to replace the loss of pigment. They will allow you to dye your hair less often.

3. Nourish your hair

In no case should you neglect balms and conditioners. They are essential for nourishing, moisturizing, softening and making hair easier to comb. It is optimal to buy a balm containing natural wax based on an emulsion. It not only protects the hair from drying out, but also helps to keep the coloring pigments inside.

4. Use coloring tonics

You can reduce the frequency of hair dyeing to 1 time in 3 months if you choose a tint that matches the color of the paint used. Coloring tonics harm hair less. With their help, you can revive the hair color every 3-4 weeks, which will noticeably delay the moment of the next use of permanent dye.

5. Repair your hair

To keep your curls healthy and shiny, you need to take regular steps to restore colored hair. To do this, you can use special capsules with active substances (zinc, biotin), the contents of which must be rubbed into the scalp. Instead, you can get by with a special mask for colored hair or even some home remedies. For example, egg yolk. It needs to be rubbed into the scalp, and then wrap the head with a film for 10-15 minutes.

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