❶ Second Chin: Methods Of Struggle

❶ Second Chin: Methods Of Struggle
❶ Second Chin: Methods Of Struggle

Video: ❶ Second Chin: Methods Of Struggle

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Second chin: methods of struggle
Second chin: methods of struggle

The second chin gives the face an irregular shape, as a result of which people begin to look older than their years. The cause of this deficiency is usually excess weight or features of the type and structure of the face. But it is still possible to overcome this drawback. Location: Location:

Methods of struggle:

1. Gymnastic exercises for the chin. They are aimed at strengthening muscles and increasing elasticity. This method is perfect both as a means of eliminating an already existing double chin, and as a measure to prevent its formation. The main elements of gymnastic exercises will be stretching the muscles of the face, light clapping, lip movements and frequent blinking. This method is quite simple: you just need to choose the right exercise and devote a small amount of time to doing it. If you do the exercises regularly, the results will be visible soon.

2. Natural decoctions and firming masks. Another way out of the situation. Rubbing your chin with a decoction of oak bark and St. John's wort will have a great effect on the condition of your skin. It is also recommended to apply a toning cabbage leaf mask, it will not only make the chin more taut, but also have a beneficial effect on the entire face. Your skin type doesn't matter.

3. Chin massage. When choosing this particular option, you will need to decide: do the massage yourself or contact a specialist. It is better, of course, to visit a specialized center, where the most effective type of procedure will be selected for you, and at the end of it, a special mineral complex will be applied, which is quite difficult to do at home.

4. Mesodesolution. A procedure that will remove the double chin formed due to excess weight. It came from mesotherapy and is absolutely safe for your skin. During the session, you will be injected with drugs that destroy fat cells, evenly synthesize the production of elastin, which is responsible for skin tightening. To achieve the result, you will need to take a course consisting of an average of 10 sessions.

5. Surgical intervention. A method that also has a right to exist. It is recommended to resort to it only in cases when all of the above did not help. Doctors use a scalpel to remove the sagging part of the chin without much difficulty, but in the future, a new formation is possible, if preventive measures are not used.

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