❶ Nail Cosmetic Bag

❶ Nail Cosmetic Bag
❶ Nail Cosmetic Bag

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Cosmetic case for nails
Cosmetic case for nails

Many girls do their nails at home. This allows you to avoid unnecessary waste and wasted time. To make a beautiful manicure, in addition to your skill, you will also need special tools. A cosmetic case for nail care is easy to assemble by yourself. Location: Location:

Manicurists use a variety of tools to make our nails beautiful. But do you need to use them at home?

A cosmetic bag for nail care should contain care and decorative products. It is best to pay close attention to the selection of care products, because none of the most beautiful and expensive varnish will look good on unkempt nails.

So, the care part of the cosmetic bag should contain:

1. Hand cream.

This is an irreplaceable attribute, because external factors aggressively affect the skin. In addition, it is the hands that most often give out the woman's age.

The cream should moisturize the skin well, be absorbed quickly and have a pleasant scent.

2. Cuticle oil.

The thin skin at the base of the nail dries quickly, so the moisture from the hand cream may not be enough.

Rub the oil into your cuticles daily for a healthy and well-groomed look.

3. Strengthening varnish.

It will help speed up nail growth and improve the appearance. In addition, it will fit for a very quick manicure - the nails will shine.

If your hands are well-groomed, then the manicure itself will be easier to do. For this you will need:

1. Nail clippers.

They must be very sharp in order to cut off excess skin and not "rip" it out.

2. Nail files: regular and polishing.

Experts believe that it is better to file rather than trim nails, so use good nail files.

A special "block" for nail polishing will make the surface of the nail smooth and shiny.

3. Manicure scissors.

Their name speaks for itself. You will need scissors to remove burrs.

4. Cuticle remover (if you prefer unedged manicure).

5. Orange stick - it is convenient to use it to move the cuticle to the base of the nail.

The decorative part of the nail cosmetic bag may contain:

1. Transparent varnish.

It is simply necessary in cases where manicure needs to be done quickly.

2. Neutral varnish.

Beige or light pink shades suit any outfit and can be worn in companies with the strictest dress code.

3. Bright varnish.

The preferred color is red. It suits absolutely everyone and will be appropriate at evening events.

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