❶ Facial Care After 30

❶ Facial Care After 30
❶ Facial Care After 30

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Face care after 30
Face care after 30

After thirty years, the skin of the face slowly but surely begins to fade, and it will not be possible to do with the usual moisturizer. Facial care after 30 is a whole complex of health improvement and beauty maintenance. Location: Location: Women in their thirties gradually begin to feel how nature is waning about the care of their skin. Cells regenerate more and more slowly, the usual tone and elasticity disappear due to a decrease in collagen levels. The skin is desperate for support, and your job is to apply every means possible to protect and repair it.

Pick up a cream. Daily care will still include hydration, but it should have other properties as well. So, sensitive dry skin requires a nourishing cream. It is important that the cream stimulates the production of collagen - this way you will help the skin regain its former elasticity.

When choosing a cream, foundation, powder and other products for the face, pay attention to the fact that they contain an SPF filter. The sun's rays are the main enemy of your beauty, and protection from them will keep your youth much longer.

Be sure to use eye care products. In this area, the skin is especially thin and vulnerable, because there are practically no fat cells there. The cream should have a lifting effect, nourish and moisturize the skin well.

Include serum in your diet. They contain biologically active components in larger quantities than creams and lotions, and they should be used in courses. For example, in spring and autumn, when the skin needs special protection and nutrition. Serums do not replace but complement creams. Therefore, after applying them, use your usual cream.

Don't forget about masks. Determine your skin type and select several masks depending on it. They need to be done no more than twice a week and at least twice a month. Nourishing, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, tightening - the choice is yours. It is better to apply the mask on a steamed and cleansed face.

Exfoliate dead skin cells once every two weeks. Use soft facial brushes or scrubs.

Take massage courses twice a year. Facial massage is a great way to improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles. It improves complexion, tightens its oval, improves skin tone. The beautician will select the best product for you (oil, lotion), with which the results will be even better.

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