❶ What Foods Help You Tan

❶ What Foods Help You Tan
❶ What Foods Help You Tan

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What foods help you tan
What foods help you tan

A beautiful and even tan will make any girl more attractive. And in order to achieve it, in addition to regular trips to the solarium or the beach, you need to introduce some foods into your diet, the use of which will help not only tan, but also maintain a golden hue longer, and also avoid severe sunburn. Location: Location:

The skin tans thanks to the presence of melanin, a brown pigment in it. There are products to help develop it. These are apricots, peaches, watermelons, melons, coconuts, mangoes, blackberries, pumpkins, carrots, red meat, fish, etc.

If you eat only 200 grams of apricots per day, then you will tan faster, moreover, the tan tone will be brighter. A glass of fresh carrot-orange juice or a couple of raw carrots can help make your tan last. Melon, even in small quantities (300 grams per day), will make your skin darker, with an even and intense shade. Watermelon, in addition to maintaining a normal water balance in the body, also protects against harmful ultraviolet rays, while making the tan persistent and even.

Peaches will help protect the skin from burns. The substances contained in them will have a positive effect on the evenness of the tan. Grapes, being a strong antioxidant, can protect the skin from various diseases and even destroy abnormal cells. It also helps maintain water balance and has an excellent effect on immunity.

If you include tomato soup or just 60 grams of tomato juice in your daily diet, you will notice that your skin begins to tan faster. This is due to the content of lycopene in tomatoes, a powerful antioxidant that also helps protect the skin from UV radiation, prevent oxidation and cancer. Broccoli can help protect your face and body before and after sunburn. And spinach dishes can give it a rich bronze hue.

Omega-3 acids in fish will help protect the skin from burns. Salmon, herring, trout and mackerel are best suited for these purposes. You can preserve a beautiful dark color for a long time by eating dishes from red meat, potatoes, pork or beef liver, seafood and Roquefort cheese.

And although many of the above products help protect the skin from sunburn, you should not rely only on them and neglect other means of protection from ultraviolet radiation.

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