❶ Care For Oily Scalp

❶ Care For Oily Scalp
❶ Care For Oily Scalp

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Oily scalp care
Oily scalp care

Oily scalp complicates the hair care process, as it involves the selection of special products to reduce oil content. This problem is caused by the increased work of the sebaceous glands, which are located at the base of each hair. Location: Location:

Most often this happens due to hormonal disorders in the body (transitional age, menopause, pregnancy), stressful situations, inappropriate temperature conditions, unfavorable environmental conditions, etc.

The first way to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands is to select quality shampoos that are used every day or every other day. They should not contain lanolin and silicone, as they increase hair greasiness. It is advisable to choose shampoos with non-fat ingredients and no conditioner added. If you have dry ends, you should use the conditioner not on the entire surface of the hair, but only on the damaged ends. The shampoo is applied mainly to the scalp so as not to dry out the tips additionally.

The best solution for dealing with oily scalp is to consult a dermatologist who can help identify and eliminate the cause of these symptoms (for example, seborrheic dermatitis). The dermatologist will prescribe a course of treatment and select a special shampoo with a therapeutic effect.

In general, for oily scalp, it is recommended to use less combs and hair brushes less often, as stimulation and massage movements aggravate the situation and lead to the rapid release of sebum. In the process of combing, the secreted fat is distributed over the entire surface of the hair.

For home care of the scalp, you can use an astringent gargle (for example, with lemon juice added to the water). This solution reduces the oiliness of the scalp and gives the hair a beautiful and healthy shine.

The daily diet should be enriched with nutritious and vitamin products that have a positive effect on the functioning of internal organs and the external condition of the scalp and hair. It is also necessary to reduce the occurrence of stressful situations. To do this, you can use aromatic oils or special exercises that allow you to relax and calm down.

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