❶ Hand Skin Care

❶ Hand Skin Care
❶ Hand Skin Care

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Hand skin care
Hand skin care

Beautiful hands attract as much attention to themselves as the face. But don't think that the unkempt look will go unnoticed. Even with a spectacular youthful appearance, he will tell everything about your age, and maybe add you a couple of years on top. The hands are significantly more exposed to adverse factors - chlorinated water, detergents, wind and sun. Therefore, if you want to look young and well-groomed, your hands will have to be given a lot of care. Location: Location: In order not to expose the skin to adverse factors, it must be protected. To do this, all household work related to the use of detergents and water should be performed with rubber gloves. They will protect the skin from the toxic substances of chemical products and from chlorinated water, which dries it out and leads to premature aging.

Before going outside, you should also take care of the skin of your hands and lubricate it with cream. The resulting film after its application prevents chapping, drying out and dehydration of the skin.

It is better to use cream soap or gel as hand hygiene products. They contain less alkali and are softer on the skin. It is better not to wipe wet hands, but to allow the skin to absorb the required amount of moisture and dry naturally. A moisturizer should be applied to slightly damp (not wet) skin to trap moisture in the skin.

To maintain healthy skin, it needs additional nourishment and hydration. And for this, masks and hand baths are quite suitable. They are quite simple to use and can be done every other day while sitting in front of the TV. Thus, you can combine a pleasant activity with a useful one.

A hand bath can be done using oatmeal. They contain B vitamins and trace elements, thanks to which the skin retains its attractiveness. To prepare the bath, it is enough to pour 1 tbsp. flakes with warm water and hold hands in it for 10 minutes, then rinse with water and apply a moisturizer.

Also for the bath, you can use decoctions of herbs - chamomile, nettle, sage and plantain. After such a procedure, the skin of the hands should not be rinsed. It is enough to blot with a paper towel and apply the cream.

To keep the skin young and saturate it with various vitamins, it is useful to make masks. Moreover, you can use the same ones as for the face - fruit, vegetable and mixed (honey and milk, sour milk, potato and milk, butter and curd, etc.). To whiten the skin of the hands, you can add lemon or parsley juice to the masks.

To improve the blood supply to the skin of the hands, paraffin applications can be done 1-2 times a year. Due to the high temperature, paraffin enhances blood circulation and improves metabolic processes in the skin. After paraffin therapy, the skin becomes soft and tender.

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