❶ Aromatherapy For Hair

❶ Aromatherapy For Hair
❶ Aromatherapy For Hair

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Aromatherapy for hair
Aromatherapy for hair

Thick, shiny, silky hair is the dream of women, but, unfortunately, too many factors have a bad effect on their condition: the weather, and the environment, and illness or stress that are inevitable in our rhythm of life. And yet you can restore the health of your hair and, as a result, its beautiful appearance. Aromatic essential oils containing herbal extracts can help you with this. Location: Location:

Aromatherapy can be used regardless of whether your hair is healthy or you want to heal it. Even if your hair is in perfect condition, you can use essential oils to prevent or simply improve its appearance. You can enrich shampoos, balms or any other hair care products with oils, you can rinse your hair with enriched water or make special hair masks with the addition of aromatic oils.

The simplest prophylactic hair mask will be obtained if you apply a few drops of some essential oil to a wooden or natural bristle comb and then comb your hair thoroughly. You can also nourish your hair by adding essential oil to a hair mask or conditioner that you always use.

Essential oils, when used, should be diluted in base oils such as olive, sunflower, grape seed, peach, almond, jojoba, wheat germ, etc. Whichever base oil best suits your hair type should be enriched with three to five drops of essential oil per teaspoon. That being said, remember that first you need to make sure that your body reacts normally to this or that oil, so first take the smallest amount and apply it to your hair for no more than 40 minutes.

Apply the oil to clean hair, rubbing it into the skin with light movements. If you need to improve the condition of the hair itself (for example, thin and brittle), distribute the oil along its entire length.

For simple maintenance of normal healthy hair, you can use orange, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, geranium, palmarosa oils once a week. However, any essential oils and essences will suit you.

For oily hair, use jojoba, tea tree, rosemary, lemon, lavender, bergamot, cedar, juniper, and grapefruit oils. Add a couple of drops to the shampoo and you will reduce the oiliness and eliminate the shine of the hair.

Dry hair is best treated with lavender, incense, myrrh, orange, chamomile, patchouli, juniper, and sea buckthorn oils.

For strengthening and against hair loss, oils of verbena, cedar, chamomile, ginger, sandalwood, eucalyptus, thyme, sage, bay oil are recommended. It is very good to use wheat germ oil and pumpkin seed oil.

For hair growth, try adding oils such as rosemary, ylang ylang, juniper, clove, and fir.

Oils of cedar, bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, mandarin, rosemary wonderfully fight dandruff.

When starting aromatherapy hair, remember that immediately after the first time using essential oils, you should not count on results. It will appear no earlier than three weeks after their regular use.

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