❶ Hydromassage: Properties And Applications

❶ Hydromassage: Properties And Applications
❶ Hydromassage: Properties And Applications

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Hydromassage: properties and application
Hydromassage: properties and application

Hydromassage is not only pleasant, but also a very useful procedure, which has recently been gaining popularity in our country. With its help, you can improve your health, quickly lose weight and rejuvenate your face and body skin. Unlike conventional manual massage, hydromassage affects the entire body, increasing the tone of the person as a whole. Location: Location: Hydromassage is an underwater massage with a powerful stream of water. It can be attributed to the category of spa procedures that allow not only to strengthen and tone the body, but also to correct the figure. It allows you to act on the desired points with a stream beating from the nozzles. Hydromassage today is used to equip swimming pools, baths, jacuzzis and even showers.

Speaking about the beneficial properties of the hydromassage procedure, we can distinguish general, preventive and special ones.

General action properties are skin health and oxygen enrichment, stimulation of blood circulation, stress relief and muscle tone increase.

Preventive properties include: acceleration of metabolic processes, vascular training to prevent varicose veins, protection against aging (premature).

The special properties of massage include relieving pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism, treating obesity and cellulite, stimulating the healing of bruises, and fighting bowel dysfunctions.

The simplest is considered to be jet hydromassage, in which air injection under pressure is provided by nozzles. It is used most often in those pools in which it is impossible to integrate modern equipment to provide more complex hydromassage.

Whirlpool hydromassage is carried out only in a bathtub with a special shape. It is a water cycle around the patient, also pumped by nozzles.

Vibration massage acts on the body through different vibrations, it is the best massage for muscles. It is practiced primarily for insomnia, stress and depression.

Hydromassage is used to restore mental performance, strengthen the nervous system and restore normal pressure. It is also used in sports practice to relieve fatigue, recover and warm up for swimmers before swimming.

Hydromassage has a positive effect not only on the body, but also on its emotional state. It relieves stress very quickly and, of course, improves mood. During hydromassage procedures, various therapeutic and tonic agents (for example: mineral waters, medicinal substances, salts, etc.) can be added to the water.

It must be remembered that, despite the beneficial properties, hydromassage has contraindications. Do not forget about the restrictions: the time of the hydromassage procedure should not exceed 20 minutes, the water temperature should not be more than 38 C. The mode of taking baths for people suffering from heart disease should be agreed with the attending physician.

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