❶ How To Paint Acrylic Nails

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❶ How To Paint Acrylic Nails
❶ How To Paint Acrylic Nails

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How to paint acrylic nails
How to paint acrylic nails

Painting your nails with acrylics is a great way to express your personality for any woman. And, as you know, women love to express their individuality. Given that you have something to paint your nails with, you can paint any picture you like on your nails yourself - from a newspaper, from a store sign, etc. Location: Location:

You will need

- acrylic paints

- a thin brush

- colorless protective nail polish

- small stickers

- rhinestones

- sparkles

- a little fantasy

Halloween manicure. Draw on the main color, for example black, several stripes of red from the edge of the nail, ending with a drop. Very useful when creating the image of a bloody countess or vampire.

If you want to please your fashionista daughter, try painting her nails. Draw strawberries on them. You need to cover the nail with the appropriate color, apply green acrylic paint with green petals, from the end of the nail. Then take white paint or a little darker and paint dots all over the red paint. You will get a pretty strawberry, and your daughter will be pleased.

For warm summer days, this drawing is perfect: paint half of the nail with orange acrylic paint, then draw three lines in black on a red background. Draw two more lines of a different color, light (better than white) between these lines. Then we apply light blue or light green stripes. They shouldn't be too bright and can be drawn along black lines. Make yellow dots along the green stripes. Then we add a flower (you can draw it, but this is a rather delicate work, it is better to take the one you like from a manicure set of beautiful stickers). Cover with a protective varnish and your summer manicure is ready.

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