❶ Highlighter: How To Highlight Beauty

❶ Highlighter: How To Highlight Beauty
❶ Highlighter: How To Highlight Beauty

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Highlighter: how to emphasize beauty
Highlighter: how to emphasize beauty

The highlighter consists of reflective particles that light up the skin a little, making the most "advantageous" details of the face more embossed and expressive. In this unusual way, attention is focused on the most attractive features. Location: Location: Highlighters come in the form of correcting pencils, powders, eyeshadows, blush, creams and sticks. They are similar to the usual shadows, only created for different face shades. The main colors of the highlighter are: white, light beige, light pink with a pearlescent sheen, ivory, as well as golden, silver and bronze. The most suitable for you will be the one that is closest in color to your natural skin tone, but a little lighter.

It is important to remember that the product is not used in everyday makeup. But in evening make-up, when creating a "glamorous" image, when you shine in a club, at a disco, at a party, etc., it will come in handy. The only exception in daytime makeup is a small dot that will help bring out the glow of the eyes a little.

The effectiveness of a highlighter depends not only on how you apply it, but also on what shade you choose. For example, lilac and pink pigments will make the skin look porcelain, but they will look unnatural on dark skin. Golden and olive skin will be refreshed with a peach hue, and tanned skin will be decorated with golden, but if you cover light skin with them, you can get painful yellowness on your face.

It is also important to decide on the texture of the material. If you have dry skin, buy a highlighter in the form of a cream, and if oily or combined, it is better to opt for a product with a powder structure.

A pencil will help to focus attention on the lips; it, as well as the cream, are optimal for working out the contour of the nose. Choose a powdery texture to emphasize the overall contour of the face, cheekbones, shoulders, neck and décolleté.

Here are some of the effects you can achieve with a highlighter:

- Applied to the lateral parts of the forehead, it makes the forehead slightly higher, on the cheekbones - refreshes the complexion; to hide bruises under the eyes will help smears under the lower eyelid;

- Draw a thin line under and above the eyebrows to draw attention to the eyes. If you want to visually expand your eyes, make a stroke in the center of the upper eyelid, over the shadows;

- If your eyes are wide apart, apply it in the middle of the bridge of the nose, and if they are set close, select the corners of the eyelids near the bridge of the nose;

- If it is necessary to slightly enlarge the nose, "highlight" its sides, and if it is necessary, on the contrary, to visually reduce this part of the face, draw a strip in the middle, along the nose;

- If you want to emphasize the lips - outline them with a thin line and blend them to make them voluminous, put a spot above the upper lip;

- You can slightly lengthen your face by applying a highlighter to your chin.

When using this product, remember that it cannot be applied to problem areas of the skin - scars, pimples, pronounced wrinkles, etc. And in general, the most important thing is not to overdo it: its excessive use creates the impression of an artificial mask.

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