❶ If Hair Falls Out

❶ If Hair Falls Out
❶ If Hair Falls Out

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If hair falls out
If hair falls out

Strong and healthy hair is beautiful and sexy. However, many people are concerned about their loss. If you find loose hair on the teeth of the comb, do not immediately panic. See how many hairs are there? If there are few of them, everything is fine. However, if you find an entire bun on your comb, pillow, or clothing every day, you should start fighting hair loss immediately. Location: Location:

Hair can fall out for many reasons. Improper nutrition, in which the body does not receive the necessary vitamins (C, B5, B6, PP) and trace elements (iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium), can cause hair loss. Changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy, the use of birth control pills or endocrine diseases are very bad for the condition of the hair.

Our hair is sensitive to any stress: strong weight loss, general anesthesia, emotional distress. They do not add strength and strong temperature changes to hair. Therefore, you do not need to go without a hat in winter.

What do you need to do to stop losing hair? You need to eat well. Eating lean poultry, lean beef, legumes, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits can help prevent hair loss. Multivitamins are also useful.

It is recommended to use a good hair brush, with which you can gently massage the scalp. This improves blood circulation, stimulates the hair follicles, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the scalp. Brush your hair at least twice a day, brushing in all directions.

Strengthening agents for hair with ginseng, panthenol, protein, horse chestnut extract, jojoba oil, vitamin PP and E have an excellent effect. The shampoo and balm should be selected in accordance with the type of hair.

Do not neglect folk remedies. For example, a burdock-based hair mask is considered the most effective. Masks made from onions, vegetable oil and honey are very useful - they can strengthen hair. The only drawback of this product is the strong unpleasant odor. Henna has a tonic effect. However, masks from this plant cannot be kept for more than an hour - the hair may become too dry.

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