❶ How To Choose And Correctly Paint Lips With Gloss

❶ How To Choose And Correctly Paint Lips With Gloss
❶ How To Choose And Correctly Paint Lips With Gloss

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How to choose and correctly paint lips with gloss
How to choose and correctly paint lips with gloss

The first lip gloss appeared at the beginning of the 19th century, but in our country it became widespread only in the 80s of the 20th century. This cosmetic invention has become an excellent alternative to lipstick and women immediately appreciated its benefits. It mainly consists of components that care and soften the lips, and contains an order of magnitude less dyes than lipstick. Therefore, this product gives a shine to the lips, not just color. Location: Location:

Now there is a huge number of lip glosses in different shades, containing trace elements that support the youthfulness of the lips, increase the volume, hide fine wrinkles and create reliable lip protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Now on the market there is a wide selection of these cosmetics.

It will not be difficult to choose the right color, the range of colors is very extensive. You can choose the right shade for any outfit and occasion.

When choosing a gloss, remember that after application it should almost not be felt on the lips. Take a closer look, do not buy it if it contains incomprehensible foreign particles, it should not contain additives that may cause discomfort. Although there are glosses nowadays that cause mild tingling and burning to add volume to the lips. Such a gloss should be marked with this non-standard property. If you feel a burning sensation after applying the usual gloss, it must be removed immediately.

Choose this cosmetics, which contains trace elements that care for the lips and moisturize them. You can also buy a gloss with vitamins that take care of your lips and help them stay young longer.

Rate the consistency. This substance should not run off and spread spontaneously on the lips. There are also hard glitters. They are available in jars. Of course, they won't allow you to touch such shine in the store with your hands, but you can open the jar and tilt it. It shouldn't leak.

Pay attention to the applicator. The most convenient applicators for use are those in which the tip is cut obliquely. There should be a lot of villi on it so that the plastic is not visible, but they should not be too long, this may interfere with its application.

Look at the expiration date of the gloss you buy. If it is good, then it is stored for about one and a half years. If the label indicates a period of 5 years, then you should not take such shine.

Despite the popularity of this cosmetic product, not everyone knows how to apply it correctly.

This product should be applied in a thin layer so that it does not weigh down the lips, but rather makes them light and fresh.

The gloss can be used alone or in conjunction with lipstick.

If you only use this product, then use a moisturizing lip balm. It should be applied evenly and in a very thin layer. To make it last longer, you can coat your lips with a moisturizer or a little powder before applying it.

To add volume to the lips, the gloss should be applied to the center of the lips.

If small wrinkles appear around the lips, before applying it, you need to outline the lip contour with a pencil. A lip liner can help keep the gloss out of your lips.

Also, using this cosmetic product, you can enhance the effect of lipstick. In this case, the lips must be painted in this sequence.

Apply a layer of moisturizing lip balm. Then cover your lips with lipstick. Squeeze a paper towel with your lips to get rid of the lipstick. Apply a thin layer of loose powder to your lips through a napkin. Paint your lips again with lipstick and blot with a tissue. Finish with a thin layer of lip gloss.

Such makeup will stay fresh and radiant for a long time, and will also enhance the shade of the lipstick and visually increase the volume of the lips.

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