❶ Natural Beauty: How To Make Makeup Natural

❶ Natural Beauty: How To Make Makeup Natural
❶ Natural Beauty: How To Make Makeup Natural

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Natural beauty: how to make makeup natural
Natural beauty: how to make makeup natural

Classics are relevant always and everywhere. Natural make-up is the classic minimum, when cosmetic products maximize your natural beauty in the most beneficial and natural way and skillfully hide existing imperfections. Location: Location:

Despite its seeming simplicity, it is much more difficult to achieve the effect of a naked face (nude face) than to apply bright makeup. The basis for a natural make-up is a perfectly even complexion, therefore, the foundation should be selected so that it practically matches your natural skin tone in tone. Using a makeup sponge or a wide brush, spread the product in a thin layer. Do not forget about your neck, you also need to apply cream on it. With a corrector half a tone lighter than the main one, mask dark circles under the eyes and mimic wrinkles.

For a bright look, shades of light brown and delicate peach shades are ideal. To make them barely visible, blend the line well. Use mascara for a natural make-up with a lengthening or curling effect. The brown color of the mascara goes well with the beige eyeshadows, and the black mascara matches the peach and pink ones.

You can visually open your eyes with a pencil, which you need to outline a thin line along the growth of the eyelashes. It is recommended to apply only the upper or only the lower eyelid. A coffee-colored eyeliner will accentuate their depth, while a drop of ivory pearlescent eyeshadow applied to the upper eyelid adds expression.

For a more natural make-up, the shade of the hair should completely match the color of the eyebrows. Choose an eyebrow pencil in natural shades, observe the measure: there should not be too much paint. The golden rule of makeup is to focus only on the eyes or only on the lips. And natural makeup harmonizes all parts of the face without highlighting anything specific.

The powder with reflective particles gives the face a shimmery glow, while the spray of thermal water will not only fix the result, but also refresh the face. The final touch will be the lips, which are optionally applied with lipstick or gloss in natural shades: peach or pink.

When applying makeup, it is very important to think over the whole concept of your final look in advance. A good make-up does not conflict with clothes and accessories, but harmoniously fits into your style.

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