❶ What Your Nails Will Tell You

❶ What Your Nails Will Tell You
❶ What Your Nails Will Tell You

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What your nails will tell you
What your nails will tell you

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are a sure sign of health, as well as the desire for beauty and accuracy. However, if their shape, color or structure suddenly began to change, it is worth thinking about possible internal problems. Location: Location:

The nail plate is formed as a result of the transformation of the epithelial layer of the skin, therefore, all substances that are good for the skin are good for the nails. And for a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, they can change in a variety of ways. Changes in the nail can also be due to health problems.

The appearance of grooves, punctuations, splitting and brittleness can be associated with a lack of vitamin A, D and group B, as well as calcium, zinc and fatty acids. If the nails crumble, darken and break easily, this indicates an infectious or fungal disease. The appearance of longitudinal grooves on the nails is a sign of impaired digestion and stomach problems. Pronounced punctate depressions on the nail plate indicate joint rheumatism or psoriasis. A significant change in the nail plate should be especially alarming. For example, if it becomes bulging, you should immediately see a doctor, as this may be a sign of serious problems with the thyroid gland, heart, lungs or intestines.

Not only the shape, but also the color of the nails can tell about the internal state of the body. The appearance of cyanosis can warn of poor circulation. The periodic appearance of white dots and spots on the nail plate is a sign of infection or iron deficiency in the body. The constant presence of white spots indicates chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys or lymphatic system. Yellowing of the nail can be associated with impaired fat metabolism and lung diseases.

You can learn a lot from the holes of the nail plate. Well-defined nail holes on all fingers are an indicator of high vitality potential and good blood circulation. An increase in the nail holes is a sign of stress on the heart and a tendency to palpitations. Very small holes indicate heart failure and also impaired circulation. The separation of the sockets from the rest of the nail with a pronounced line is a sign of diabetes or a strong load on the pancreas.

Since each finger, including the nail, is responsible for one or another organ, the following health problems can be assumed.

A change in the original shape of the nail on the index finger is a sign of head diseases;

on the middle finger - diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

on the ring finger - diseases of the lungs and kidneys;

on the little finger - diseases of the reproductive organs.

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