❶ How To Whiten Yellowed Tooth Enamel

❶ How To Whiten Yellowed Tooth Enamel
❶ How To Whiten Yellowed Tooth Enamel

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How to whiten yellowed tooth enamel
How to whiten yellowed tooth enamel

A beautiful smile is the key to your attractiveness. Its main component is white teeth. But they are not for everyone, so it is worth using several methods of their whitening in order to shine in any situation. Location: Location: There are many reasons for tooth enamel yellowing: from heredity to smoking. And every time people try to change themselves and their habits in order to embellish their smile. But it is unlikely that a smoker with twenty years of experience will be helped by giving up the bad habit - the enamel has turned yellow so much that it will take some time to work on it.

Start with whitening toothpastes. They will really help lighten the enamel a couple of tones. The main rule is to buy them at pharmacies or dental offices. This is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Try changing your toothbrush to a harder one. Perhaps rigidity will work in your case, and mechanical action will rid the teeth of plaque. Remember that these brushes can be used two to three times a week, but not constantly (there is a possibility of damage to the enamel).

Use folk remedies to whiten your teeth. For example, baking soda. Dip the brush into powder and rub it gently over your teeth, then apply a regular paste. You can use the services of soda no more than once a week.

Try activated charcoal. Its absorbent properties will relieve you of annoying yellowness. Crush one tablet and use your finger or a brush to rub it into your teeth for a couple of minutes. Then rinse your mouth with water.

Extreme measures in pursuit of a snow-white smile - professional cleaning of the mouth and whitening in the dentist's office. Brushing removes not only plaque from teeth, but also tartar. As a result, you get a natural enamel shade. Whitening is the effect of chemicals that dissolve the top layer of enamel. Over time, it can violate its integrity, so it is worth resorting to it in the most extreme cases.

As a preventive measure, eat tough fruits and vegetables more often - apples, carrots and others. Also try to give up coffee and cigarettes.

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