❶ Baths With Essential Oils

❶ Baths With Essential Oils
❶ Baths With Essential Oils

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Essential oil baths
Essential oil baths

Baths with essential oils have a beneficial effect not only on the body skin, making it delightfully soft, aromatic and silky. Penetrating into the pores, healing oils increase immunity, improve metabolic processes and blood circulation, tone the entire body. Location: Location:

Essential oils should be used with caution, overdose can cause skin irritation, up to and including a real burn. Do not pour the essential oil directly into the water, drop a few drops into honey, a pinch of sea salt or dairy product, mix thoroughly with a stick, and only in this form add to the bath with warm water.

Choose an oil or a mixture of oils based on the effect you expect from the aroma bath. Relax after a difficult day at work, cheer up with depression, get rid of cellulite, or maybe tune in to a romantic mood - for all this, you can pick up an essential oil.

Dry, tight skin - use rose oil, avocado, jojoba, cocoa.

Sagging skin, loss of tone - macadamia oil, aniseed, mint oil will help.

Sensitive skin - ylang-ylang, jasmine oil will be the salvation.

Muscle tension will be relieved by the oils of lemon balm, cinnamon, and mint.

Pain in joints will be soothed by pine oil, rosemary.

Chamomile, lavender, anise oil will cope with insomnia and stress.

Citrus oils, juniper oil, sandalwood oil, neroli will get rid of cellulite.

Many essential oils are powerful aphrodisiacs - ylang ylang, patchouli, neroli, rose oil, and jasmine oil. They will give your skin an unforgettable scent, awaken your sensuality, ignite the fire of desire in your partner.

Take a bath with essential oils for no more than 20 minutes, then, without wiping, wrap yourself in a soft terry robe. The oil continues to have a healing effect on the body after a bath, so take your time getting dressed, relax, enjoy your rest. Have a cup of herbal tea.

Real essential oils are quite expensive, but if you consider that one bath only takes 4-5 drops, the price will pay off. Bring this joy to yourself, pamper your loved ones, surprise those around you with your blooming appearance.

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