❶ How To Choose Skin Care Products

❶ How To Choose Skin Care Products
❶ How To Choose Skin Care Products

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How to choose skin care products
How to choose skin care products

The condition of the skin depends not only on the internal environment of the body, but also on proper care, or rather on an ideally selected cosmetic product. It can provide the skin with additional protection or weaken it and make it vulnerable to external irritants. But in order to navigate among the range of cosmetic products, you need to know its ingredient composition and your skin type. Location: Location: When choosing any cosmetic product for skin care, its ingredients should be carefully studied. The first on the list are substances with a high content in the product (from 10 to 20%), so if alcohol is present among them, it is better to continue looking for a more suitable option. Other useless and even harmful substances for any type of skin may include mineral oil, petrolate (paraffin), propylene glycol,sodium lauryl sulfate (the most common foaming agent), lanolin, bronopol (dangerous formaldehyde), aluminum silicate, albumin, carbomer and others.

These substances are products of the petrochemical industry. And they will not bring much harm only with a short use. In other cases, they may well cause allergies, poisoning of brain cells and headaches, irritability, and in some cases oncology, since they contribute to the formation of carcinogenic substances in the body. No cream can survive without the presence of one or another of the above substances, but in good products they are present in an acceptable amount.

Having bought even an expensive and proven by others (on the recommendation) cosmetic product, do not use it immediately without testing for individual compatibility. Apply it to the inside of your elbow or behind your ear. Then rinse with water. In the absence of any reaction, you can confidently use it for your daily care.

For normal skin, you can use any product. But inevitable age-related changes or improper care can make it drier, combination or oily. Therefore, to preserve its healthy appearance, it is better to choose gentle products that do not contain alcohol and alkali. It can be milk, cream, two-phase liquids. From lotions it is better to give preference to those based on plant extracts.

Dry skin requires special, gentle care, since it is not able to retain sufficient moisture in its layers. As a result, fine wrinkles form on it faster. Dry skin can be recognized by the flaking and feeling of tightness after washing. Tap water is completely unsuitable for this type. Exposure to chlorine further aggravates her condition. Therefore, for cleaning, use only boiled water, and, if possible, rain and melted water. As a means of cleansing, use cosmetic milk, cream, and lotions made with herbs, and not alcohol-based, but wine-based (sour dry wine).

Oily skin is considered the most problematic, as it is more prone to other types of pores, blackheads and blackheads. Therefore, the care product must match her condition. Oily or oily products are completely unsuitable for oily skin, since by clogging the enlarged pores, it causes hardening of the sebum and the formation of comedones. If you have acne, you need products that contain bactericidal substances, such as tea tree or calendula. Do not use alcoholic lotions or toners on oily skin. Degreasing the skin, they bring a short-term effect, while further strengthening the work of the sebaceous glands. Alcohol-containing substances are permissible only if they are not included in the first row.

Do not purchase a skin care product if the ingredients are not listed. The quality of such a product can only raise doubts. Moreover, it can threaten health and life.

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