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Tanning products
Tanning products

The solarium has long been loved by Russian women. Now you can have a beautiful tan at any time of the year. When visiting a solarium, a girl is always offered to purchase special creams that can improve the effect and prolong the tan. But which remedy is better to choose and why? Location: Location:

All tanning products on the market are divided into two main groups: accelerating tanning and prolonging it. Accordingly, initially it is worth thinking about what effect is needed, and only then choose the remedy itself.

To achieve a quick effect, you should choose cosmetics that contain tyrosine - this is an amino acid that accelerates the production of melanin in the skin. Creams-bronzers have also become widespread, which supposedly allow you to achieve maximum effect even faster. In fact, such products only color the top layer of the skin, acting like a regular self-tanner, as a result of which the tan really seems to be more intense.

To speed up tanning, you can purchase cosmetics with a tingle effect. Such funds dilate blood vessels in the skin, thereby increasing blood circulation. In this case, cells are better enriched with oxygen, metabolism is accelerated, and with it the synthesis of melanin. When sunburned, these products cause a slight tingling sensation, resulting in a sense of the reality of tanning.

Cosmetics that can prolong your tan include creams that moisturize your skin. Drying out of the skin is a negative effect of tanning beds and direct sunlight. And on wet skin, tan lasts longer, and melanin is formed faster.

Dry skin contributes to its flaking, and tanning, respectively, in this case, does not last long. But do not forget that you need to moisturize your skin not only before tanning in a solarium, but also after it. Recently, experts believe that modern solarium cosmetics can be easily replaced with a good quality moisturizer.

When choosing tanning products, you should know that sunburn accelerating creams are contraindicated for people with sensitive skin. And it is always worth remembering that no tanning product can cure burns.

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