❶ We Select A New Year Scent

❶ We Select A New Year Scent
❶ We Select A New Year Scent

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We select a New Year's aroma
We select a New Year's aroma

New Year's perfume is something that will help your image to become complete and definite. To keep the memories of the main night of the year exceptionally pleasant, choose the scent that best suits the situation. But for this you need to clearly understand what goals you are striving to achieve. Location: Location: When choosing a perfume, decide how it suits the situation in which you will celebrate the New Year. So, for example, for a corporate party, where the dress code is partially present, the frivolous scent of perfume is hardly suitable. Therefore, carefully analyze the situation.

One of the main tips when choosing a New Year's perfume is the novelty of the scent. Psychologists, together with stylists, advise: pamper yourself on a magical night of the year with a new scent for you. Then the mood will rise, and you will enter the new year with something really new.

Ideal for celebrating the New Year will be a fragrance that is strongly associated with this particular winter holiday. This is a perfume or eau de toilette with notes of pine needles and tangerines.

Light, floral, not too saturated aromas will also well complement the festive mood. These can be perfumes with berry flavor, floral, fruity. Light sweetness will envelop you, and you will feel airy and very tender.

For lovers of coziness and home warmth, an excellent perfume will be the one in which there are notes of honey, caramel and vanilla. It is proved that such a scent cheers up, allows you to relax and feel comfortable everywhere, like at home.

If you have romantic plans for New Year's Eve, then perfume or eau de toilette should be selected for the occasion. For this, a perfume with the addition of pheromones and aphrodisiacs is perfect. They will help you to become especially desirable and irresistible on the main night of the year.

For a corporate party, it is best to pick up rich, feminine fragrances. Complex aromas will be ideal for this form of New Year's celebration. So, for example, eau de toilette or eau de parfum, consisting of both fruit and flower and berry compositions, will help add zest to your look.

When choosing a new fragrance for yourself, give yourself time to get used to it. Then, exactly on New Year's Eve, you will feel the most irresistible and magical.

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