❶ All The Secrets Of The Cosmetic Serum

❶ All The Secrets Of The Cosmetic Serum
❶ All The Secrets Of The Cosmetic Serum

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All the secrets of the cosmetic serum
All the secrets of the cosmetic serum

Serums can be found in almost every cosmetic brand today - a product with which not everyone is familiar. Meanwhile, a properly selected serum can, without exaggeration, work wonders for your skin. Location: Location:

The main distinguishing feature of any whey is its concentrated composition. The formula of such a remedy has a pronounced effect and the ability to solve one problem: dehydration of the skin, early wrinkles, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation. However, today there are many complex exposure tools that can deal with several imperfections at once.

Any serum has a liquid or gel-like texture. Typically, such a product is available in small glass bottles. At the same time, the product itself is maximally protected from oxygen and bacteria. The bottle is supplied with either a pump dispenser or a tight cap with a pipette.

It must be remembered that serum is not a substitute for your usual care. For example, it may help fight wrinkles, but it won't moisturize. Therefore, the serum must be applied under the cream, preferably of the same brand, so that different active ingredients do not conflict with each other.

It is necessary to use serum in courses. The best option is 28 days. It is for this period that an ordinary bottle is enough. If you notice a pronounced effect of the product, resist the temptation to use it constantly. The skin can become accustomed to the active ingredients and subsequently deteriorate in its functions.

Apply the serum with light movements, without stretching or pressing on the skin. Some beauticians even advise you to apply the product to your palms, wait a few seconds, and then apply them to your face and neck. This will be enough for the serum to be absorbed into the skin. After 5-10 minutes, you can use your regular cream.

In the cosmetic market, there are recognized hits among serums that have not left the shelves for many years. Among them, for example, Advanced Night Repair from Estee Lauder, Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum from StriVectin or Serum Fabuleux from L'Occitane. However, you can find more budget options. For example, "Toning face serum" from the Russian brand "Granny Agafia's Recipes".

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