❶ Masks For Damaged Hair

❶ Masks For Damaged Hair
❶ Masks For Damaged Hair

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Masks for damaged hair
Masks for damaged hair

Exposing your strands to regular exposure to paints, hair dryers, ironing, sun, wind, you need to be prepared for the fact that sooner or later the hair will lose its natural shine, elasticity and softness. Instead of a once-beautiful heap, a dull tow with split ends will appear. But even in this state, you can restore health to your hair if you saturate them with useful substances using various masks. Location: Location: Before restoring damaged hair with masks, it is worth cutting it, that is, visiting a hairdresser and getting rid of split ends. It is enough to remove 5-10 mm in order to maintain the length and, at the same time, give the hair a well-groomed look.

To appreciate the full benefits of masks, use only natural care products for the period of hair treatment. As a shampoo - egg yolks with a pinch of soda, and instead of balm - decoctions of nettle, mint, chamomile, rose petals, linden flowers.

Egg and carrot hair mask

Pour 2 tablespoons into thoroughly mixed 2 yolks. carrot juice and 1 tbsp. unrefined vegetable oil. Saturate the hair roots with the resulting mixture, and then apply it along the entire length. Put an oilcloth on your hair and a woolen hat on top. After 30-40 minutes, rinse your hair with water and rinse with a pre-prepared strained nettle decoction.

Pumpkin mask for damaged hair

Mix an equal amount of raw pumpkin and carrot juice with 1 yolk and 1 tbsp. vegetable oil. Saturate hair from roots to ends and leave under the film for 30-40 minutes. This mask is rich in provitamin A - carotene, which not only restores the structure of the hair shaft, but also gives the hair a beautiful rich color.

Oil mask for damaged and dry hair

Combine cedar, olive and burdock oil. Add 2-3 capsules of an oil solution of vitamins A and E. Apply everything from roots to ends, rubbing the oil thoroughly into the strands. Leave it on for 30-40 minutes under the plastic wrap. Rinse with shampoo and rinse with herbal tea.

Honey hair mask

Add honey in a 5: 1 ratio to finely grated onion gruel. Apply the mixture from roots to ends and after 30 minutes rinse with water, and finally rinse with a decoction of birch leaves. For very dry hair, add some vegetable oil to the main ingredients. This mask not only repairs damaged hair, but also strengthens the roots. However, if there is a pronounced vascular mesh on the face, it is better not to use honey masks.

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