❶ Celebrity Beauty Secrets

❶ Celebrity Beauty Secrets
❶ Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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Celebrity Beauty Secrets
Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Celebrities are in full view - they are constantly talked about and written about, they are shown on the screens of cinemas and televisions. They just need to always remain attractive. But how do they do it? Each star has her own beauty secret that helps her stay in shape all the time. Location: Location:

The famous actress Lucy Liu pays special attention to body skin care. Her feminine beauty secret is very simple and consists in using a natural scrub that Lucy makes from cornmeal mixed with warm water.

Adored by all Americans, Julia Roberts regularly makes hand baths with warm olive oil. Thanks to this procedure, the skin of her hands always remains soft and velvety.

The beauty secret of actress Penelope Cruz lies in exercising regularly. In addition, Penelope tries to sleep about 12 hours a day.

The famous singer Gwen Stefani is sure that walking in the fresh air helps to maintain beauty and a high level of performance.

Pop legend Madonna, despite her mature age, still boasts a slender and flexible body. The secret of the beauty of the star is active yoga.

Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow eats exclusively fresh food. One of the most talented actresses of our time is sure that canned and frozen food is poison for the body. In addition, Gwyneth has a negative attitude towards sweets.

The world famous French actress Sophia Loren does not drink alcohol and exercises daily. In addition, the famous beauty tries to get enough sleep.

The forever young domestic singer Edita Piekha is a fan of the contrast shower, which helps her to maintain good health and skin elasticity. Edita Stanislavovna also strictly monitors her diet, which mainly consists of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

"Sportswoman, Komsomol member and just beauty" of Soviet cinema Natalya Varley uses a special set of physical exercises to stretch the muscles. The actress also loves to go to the bathhouse, where she rubs her skin with salt. And the most effective mask, in her opinion, is ordinary sour cream.

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