❶ How To Properly Enhance The Effect Of Cosmetics

❶ How To Properly Enhance The Effect Of Cosmetics
❶ How To Properly Enhance The Effect Of Cosmetics

Video: ❶ How To Properly Enhance The Effect Of Cosmetics

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How to properly enhance the effect of cosmetics
How to properly enhance the effect of cosmetics

The modern cosmetics market is overflowing with a variety of products that promise to preserve your youth and beauty. Should you follow the lead of advertising and buy all the cosmetic novelties? It is much better to learn a few rules that help enhance the effect of cosmetic preparations. Location: Location:

Any cream is applied to well-cleansed skin. You should know that there is a water-lipid mantle on the surface of the skin, which protects the cells from drying out. Without it, our skin will turn into a cracked crust. The mantle consists of the secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, particles of the epidermis. It sticks together particles of dust and dirt, microbes and skin saprophytes.

On the one hand, this barrier is vital. On the other hand, it prevents the penetration of the active substances of the cosmetic product into the skin cells, which penetrate into the skin through the hair follicles and the stomata of the sebaceous and sweat glands. Therefore, before applying any cream, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned with any suitable means. Apply cleansing milk to the skin and gently massage with moisturized fingers all problem areas: the wings of the nose, chin, forehead. Light massage will improve blood circulation, which is also important for enhancing the effect of cosmetics.

The remaining milk should be washed off. But not with tap water, as many people do. Tap water is too hard, it may contain heavy metal salts, chlorine, and this will have an extremely adverse effect on the condition of the skin. Use tonics, mineral or boiled water, herbal teas, green tea.

Cleanse the skin in the morning and evening before each application of the cosmetic. In addition, you can use a scrub or peeling with fruit acids twice a week.

Skin tone and blood circulation are also important for good absorption of the active ingredients of the cosmetic product. A warm compress, irrigation with cold water from a pulverizer, light massage will improve blood circulation, expand blood vessels, enhance oxygen delivery to cells and double the effect of any cream.

You also need to remember the rules for applying moisturizing and nourishing creams. Apply the moisturizer to slightly damp skin, driving it in with your fingertips along the massage lines. The purpose of a moisturizer is to retain water in the stratum corneum of the skin, lock it in, isolate cells from the external environment.

Nourishing creams are applied to cleansed and dry skin and contain a higher percentage of oily substances. You should not apply such a cream in a thick layer for a long time, 30 minutes is enough. During this time, the skin will absorb all the active ingredients, and the remains of the cream will create a "greenhouse effect", which will cause swelling and looseness of the skin. Therefore, half an hour after applying the nourishing cream, remove its excess with a dry cosmetic napkin.

In addition, the effect of day and night cosmetic creams will be perfectly enhanced by a few drops of a suitable highly active serum. Evening skin care can be done 2 hours before bed, but no later than 10 pm. At this time, the biological activity of the body decreases, which means that the effect of cosmetics also decreases. If you are unable to pay a little attention to your skin before this time, do not be discouraged. Remove the remnants of makeup, cleanse the skin with milk, and transfer the application of the cream to a more convenient time: morning or between 16 and 19 hours.

Also, don't forget the importance of exercise. Hypodynamia and hypoxia (lack of oxygen) are today called "the disease of civilization." Try to choose the time to do a few physical exercises, this will improve the supply of oxygen to the tissues, increase their tone, strengthen the metabolic processes of the body, and therefore the skin. You will be able to achieve maximum results with the minimum cost by following all these simple rules.

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