❶ Body Lotion: How To Choose Yours?

❶ Body Lotion: How To Choose Yours?
❶ Body Lotion: How To Choose Yours?

Video: ❶ Body Lotion: How To Choose Yours?

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Body lotion: how to choose yours?
Body lotion: how to choose yours?

Our body needs care no less than our face. There are a huge number of different products designed for different body care: creams, ointments, scrubs, and more. A body lotion can help make your skin even smoother and more pleasant to the touch. Location: Location:

The lotion nourishes, moisturizes and tones the skin, and can also impart radiance or can be aimed at reducing the rate of hair growth. It is lighter than cream and absorbs faster into the skin. In order not to miss the choice, when buying a lotion, you need to focus on some of its properties and features.

Firstly, lotions are designed for different skin types, so before buying, you need to determine what type of your skin is: normal, oily, dry or combination. Buy the product according to your skin type, the rest will not suit you.

If you have sensitive skin, be aware of the various side effects. You shouldn't buy a product containing alcohol and fragrances. And it is undoubtedly best to get a hypoallergenic lotion.

Next, you need to decide for which part of the body you are going to use the product. Different parts of the body require lotions with different compositions, additives and ingredients.

Be sure to read the composition of the product. It is desirable that the lotion is based on natural ingredients: aloe vera, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.

Remember that you cannot use the same lotion all year round. Each season needs a different lotion. It should be more nutritious in winter and lighter in summer, containing protective filters.

It is also important to pay attention to the brand and cost of products. A quality product often has a correspondingly high price tag. It is best to look on the Internet for reviews of a particular lotion before buying. And do not hesitate to ask a sales assistant for help in the store. He will help you choose the most suitable lotion for you.

Look at the expiration date. By the way, it is coming to an end for goods sold at a lower price. Be careful.

After purchasing the lotion, do not rush to apply it to your body. Test it on a small area of ​​skin first, see if you are allergic to this product.

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